Change our address of IP It is a simple solution to fix different network problems. However, there are several ways to get what we want. Therefore, in this article we are going to review all the methods that we have available to change our IP address.

Why would we change our IP address?

The IP address are several unique numbers that are assigned to our Internet connection and are used to locate us in the real world, it would be like a kind of digital address. When we connect to the internet, our internet service provider or ISP will assign us an IP address that we will disclose to the websites we visit.

Changing your IP will make it seem like you’re somewhere else, this is ideal for avoiding geoblocks or accessing more content on different streaming services. The problem is that it is not possible without using external help. Generally, a third-party program that is capable of changing our IP, and it only works when the program is active.

But there are some ways to temporarily change the IP. The easiest way is simply to use a virtual private network (VPN) that would be responsible for “falsifying” our IP and thus make it appear that it is in another place. It’s definitely easy to get, using a VPN is not complicated at all. However, you can also use a VPN for games, many are responsible for significantly improving the ping; ideal for playing MMORPGs online that have servers in North America when we are in Latin America, for example.

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The drawback would be that not only our Internet connection is the one that transmits an IP address. Each device has its own unique IP. The reason for this is simply so that each of those devices can communicate correctly both on the internet and with each other.

If we have a problem with the IP of our network or that of a specific device, they may not connect properly or we may have other problems. In this case, a VPN will not be able to solve the problem, at least not in the long term. The only way to achieve this is to change the IP forever. Luckily, it is not something too complicated to achieve.

How to change an IP address

So, in order to fix related problems, we are going to change the IP address. This is easy thanks to the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol. DHCP is a protocol, a set of rules that dictate how machines communicate with each other, which can change the IP address they have “whenever they want”, this makes them “dynamic”.

To achieve this, all we will do is turn off the router, wait 20 seconds, and turn it on again. When the router is fully powered up, it should already have a different IP.

We can confirm this by looking for our IP address from any search engine, there are different websites that allow us to know our exact IP by simply entering. Although we can also use tools like IPIeak which we will find from this link.

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Static vs dynamic IP, which one is better for me?

The problem with the previous solution is that it would be short-term, it only works if we have a simple problem. In case of permanent problems with our devices, we may have to rule out DHCP completely. Instead, we would have to configure a static IP address, which translates to one that doesn’t change.

With any luck, a static IP address should solve all the problems, or even narrow down the list of causes that make devices unable to communicate with each other.

The first thing would be to contact our ISP and request the change of address. It is quite possible that we will have to explain what are the reasons that led us to make that decision and complete some steps for them to do so. Although this will depend on the ISP.

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