In the same way as with previous PlayStation consoles, it is possible to change the PS5 from portrait to landscape. The huge difference, though, is that PS5 doesn’t require a separate stand accessory. The same console comes with an included support that allows us to put it in a vertical or horizontal position.

Many of us are used to playing with friends on PS4 viewing the console horizontally. Perhaps you want to keep this habit and PS5 has the possibility of being horizontal without any problem. It will not affect its performance or temperature, so there is no need to worry about this issue.

How to flip PS5 from portrait to landscape

Remove screw from bracket.

The first thing we will have to do is, obviously, disconnect the HDMI power cables from the console. In the default upright position, the console base is held in place with a single screw. So we’re going to need a flathead screwdriver to unscrew the base.

Store bolt inside bracket.

When we manage to remove the base and the screw, we are going to store the bolt inside the support. We will find a small compartment under the bracket, the screw can be pushed into a special slot thanks to which, we will make sure not to lose it.

How to switch ps5 from portrait to landscape and vice versa

The compartment has a small black cover that can be removed and we can use it to cover the space left by the screw in the base. This is a simple adjustment that will cover the unnecessary space that is left.


While the screw won’t vibrate around the bracket when it’s locked in place, we can rotate the bracket and we’ll see a hidden door covering the compartment.

Place two clips.

Now we are going to align the two clips of the PlayStation 5 support as we can see in the image that accompanies the article. A very simple adjustment, we will know that we have placed it correctly when the support fits into place and is firm. Here we must consider that it is not blocked. So we have to be careful when we do the next step.

So we can change ps5 from vertical to horizontal and vice versa

Next, we are going to proceed to turn the console on its side. We will have to reconnect all the cables and turn on the TV. In this way we can now enjoy our brand new PS5 horizontally.

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