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How to Change Spotify Playlist Image

The popular music streaming service Spotify allows you to create custom playlists. And to make them even more personalized, you can add a custom cover image.

You can use an existing image on your device or take a photo and add it. Here’s how to add or change a playlist image on the desktop and mobile versions of Spotify.

Add a picture to Spotify desktop app playlist

For the desktop application, it is a simple process to add or change the image of a playlist. Here I am using the Windows version, but the steps are the same on macOS. So, launch the app and select a playlist from the left column.

Then, on the right, click on More options (three dots) and click on “Edit details” on the menu.

Now, on the “Edit details” screen that appears, hover your mouse over the existing playlist image and click “Choose photo“.

Find the location of the photo you want to use and select it. It will appear in your playlist details. Click the button Keep to confirm the change.

That is all. The new image will now be displayed each time you access the playlist. To change it for another, follow the steps above, you just have to choose a different image.

Change the image of a Spotify playlist on iOS

Open the Spotify app on your iPhone or iPad and tap “Your library“.

Next, tap on the playlist you want to change the image to.

Now when the playlist opens, press the options button (three dots) under the name of the playlist.

A new menu appears – press Edit.

On the next screen that appears, tap “change image”Under the photo of the current playlist. Then the iOS menu will appear with the option to choose a photo from the existing library or take a new one.

You can then center the photo however you want and press Choose.

If it looks good, be sure to touch Keep. Note that you can enter a new name for the playlist here if necessary.

That’s it on the iPhone or iPad. The photo you took or chose from your library is added to your playlist.

Change Spotify Playlist Photo for Android

The process to change the image of your Spotify playlist is similar to that of iOS, but there are some differences.

To get started, open the Spotify app on your Android phone. Then tap “Your library” on the bottom.

Next, tap on one of the playlists you’ve created and want to change the image.

Next, tap on the three dots icon under the name of the playlist.

Now, in the menu that appears, click on “Edit playlist“.

On the next screen, press “change image”Under the photo of the existing playlist.

Then a menu will appear asking you if you want to take a photo, choose a photo or delete the existing one.

Once you have the photo you want to use ready, press the button Use photo.

Now you can see what the photo will look like. You can change the name of the playlist here if you want and click Keep when you are ready.

And that’s it. Your Spotify adds the new image to the playlist. If you change the photo in a playlist, it will be synced across all devices where you are signed into Spotify.

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