Google, like other internet giants, are working to have a future away from passwords, implementing different technologies that can save us from this headache. However, for now we have no alternative and the positive of our chromebook is that, if we want change the password, we can do it from anywhere; as long as we have access to that Google account.

Change the password on a Chromebook

In order to configure a Chromebook we will need a Google account. This is not like phones where we can configure Android without a Google account. The password of our Gmail account becomes the Chromebook password to log in. Unfortunately, there is no option to create a local account.

So, if we want to change the Chromebook password, we will have to change the password of our Google account associated with it. What we must consider is that changing the Chromebook password will affect the account in general. So also change the password on all devices that are linked to this particular account.

Manage Google account.

On our Chromebook, we are going to have to open the Chrome browser and click on the profile icon in the upper right corner. Here we are going to have to go to Manage your Google account.

Chromebook security.

Now we are going to have to click on Security found in the left sidebar and we will scroll down until we find the Sign in to Google section. Here we will click on Password that is in the panel on the right.

Confirm identity.

On the next page, we will have to enter the password we are currently using and verify our identity with a mobile device.

How to change a Chromebook password

Now yes, we will be able to change our password for the account, which will also do it for the Chromebook. We recommend using a password that has a combination of uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and signs where possible. The more complicated the password, the more secure it will be.

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Next, we will have to log in using the password that we previously configured.

Reset Chromebook password on other devices

One of the advantages of this is very simple: if we cannot access our Chromebook, it is possible to reset the password from another device. We will have to do something very similar, but on a computer or mobile phone.

Then, we will have to go to the Security section of our account from a computer or mobile device by following this link. Obviously, we are going to have to log in.


Now click on Password in the Google Login section in the panel on the right.

Verify identity.

Again, we enter the current password, verify the account, and we will have the opportunity to change it.

change chromebook password

Finally, we connect our Chromebook to the internet from the lock screen and enter the password that we previously configured.

Set a PIN instead of a password

We cannot deny that it ends up being more comfortable to have a 6-digit PIN instead of a long and tedious password, especially if we are using Chromebook regularly. Additionally, it is easier to remember and saves us some time. We can establish a PIN and for this we will have to follow these steps:

Quick setup.

We start by opening the Quick Settings panel from the lower right corner and we will click on the gear-shaped icon to access the Settings options.

Security and privacy.

Now we go to Security and privacy in the left sidebar and we will have to click where it says Lock screen and log in in the panel on the right.

Confirm Chromebook password.

Obviously, we are going to have to enter the password of our account for security reasons.

Change PIN.

After this we will have to click on Change PIN.

Set PIN.

Here we will have the possibility of configuring a 6-digit PIN and we will click on Continue, in the next step we will have to enter the PIN again to confirm it.

So we can change the use of Chromebook password for a PIN.

We will also have to enable the option that says Unlock automatically after entering the PIN. From now on, we will have to enter the PIN to log in to the Chromebook and we will not need to enter the password every time we want to use it.

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If by some chance we have forgotten the PIN, from the same lock screen we can use the password to log in. We will only have to click on Change to password at the bottom and we will proceed to enter the Google password to use our Chromebook.

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