If we are about to travel to another country where they have a different schedule, we can change time zone in microsoft outlook on the desktop and the web in an extremely simple way. In this article, we are going to quickly see the steps that we have to follow to achieve it.

In the case of mobile devices, the only thing we will have to do to change the Outlook time zone is simply change the phone’s time zone and Outlook will adapt automatically.

Outlook is one of the most widely used free email services around the world, although it is not without problems such as the login error. Despite this, it is still one of the best options that we can find today and this is largely due to the enormous number of features it has.

Change time zone from Outlook app

File, Archive.

In order to change the time zones in the Outlook desktop application, we will have to start the app. In the upper left corner we will click on File.


Next, we will see that a blue sidebar appears on the left side, we are going to click on Options.


In the Outlook options window, we are going to look for the Calendar option, again from the left sidebar.

change time zone outlook

We scroll down in the right panel until we find the Time Zones section. We will click on the Time Zone dropdown menu and choose our new time zone. At the bottom of the Outlook Options window, we are going to click OK to apply the changes.

From Outlook on the web


We open a new favorite web browser, enter the Official site Outlook and log in with our credentials. In the upper right corner we are going to have to click on the gear-shaped gear icon.

View all configuration options.

We will see that a new menu opens, at the bottom of this we can see the option See all Outlook settings, we click on it.

Modify the time zone in Microsoft Outlook.

Now, we will have to select Calendar> View. From the right panel we will have to click on the drop-down menu Show my calendar in the time zone and we will choose the new time zone.

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If we want Outlook to remember to change time zones when we travel, we’ll need to keep the option When I travel across time zones, ask me if I want to update my time zone on.

After making all the changes, we will have to click on the Save button at the bottom for the changes to be applied.

change time zone outlook

Outlook will then ask us if we want to change the meeting time to use the time zone specified above. So we’re going to have to update this by clicking Yes, update.

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