When you start setting up a new Windows 11 computer or make a clean installation, you may choose a username that you want to change later. Username change is also common when purchasing a pre-built system from a store or third party. Unfortunately, Microsoft hasn’t made the process of renaming your account as straightforward as you might expect. Whatever the reason for the name change, there are several ways to do it. Here are three different ways to do it in Windows 11.

How to change your account name in Windows 11 from settings

To use the Settings app, click Home> Settings, or use the keyboard shortcut key Windows + I to directly open the Setting.

Once the settings opens, click Accounts in the left column and click Your information in the list on the right.

On the next screen, click the button Accounts.

This will open your Microsoft account page. Log in if prompted and click on your profile photo at the top.

This will take you to the “Your information” section. From there, click on the link Edit name in the lower right corner.

Now, enter a new first and last name. Write the Captcha that is required and click on the button Keep. Restart your PC, and you should see the account name change.

How to change account name in Windows 11 from Control Panel

The classic Control Panel that you are used to from previous versions of Windows is still in Windows 11. And you can use it to change the name of your account. To open it, press the Windows key on your keyboard, writes: control Panel, select the top result or press Enter.

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When Control Panel opens, click User account.

Now click Manage another account and select the account from the list of user accounts that you have added and want to edit.

Then click on the “Change account name” link.

Enter the name you want to use for the account in the “Name” field and click the button Rename.

Use the Advanced Control Panel to rename user accounts

Finally, you can use the advanced options of the Control Panel to change the name of the user accounts. Press the keyboard shortcut Windows + R to bring up the Run dialog box and writes: netplwiz and click To accept or press Intro.

Then select the account you want to modify and click the button Properties.

On the “General” tab, type the name you want in the “Username” field. Click on Apply and then in To accept twice for the changes to take effect.

That is all. The method you use to rename an account will vary depending on how you want to do it. But you will achieve the same results no matter what steps you use. As with all versions of Windows, there is always more than one way to perform the same task.

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