Our Name from Username on Steam is very important for many things and we can say change this if we think it convenient. Whether it’s for our friends to identify us more easily, maybe we use a name, we just register that we don’t like it at all. Whatever the reason, changing it is very easy.

Changing our username is useful for our friends to identify us when we play with them, among other things. Although if we feel like playing without anyone bothering us, we can also configure Steam’s offline mode.

Change Steam Username from Desktop App

Profile from PC.

Managing to change our Steam username using the desktop application is a fairly simple task. We will start by opening the application and clicking on our name, then we will click on “Profile”.

Edit profile from a computer.

On the profile page we will see a lot of information related to our account. Here we will have to click on “Edit profile”, which is on the right side of the page.

Change Steam username from PC.

We scroll down until we see the “General” section. We will have to write the username that we want, we can even customize the URL to make it equal to our username.

Before finishing, we will have to scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the button that says “Save”.

From the mobile app

Friends list.

From the Steam mobile application, we will open the friends list, this is done by default. We press on the three horizontal bars that we can find in the upper left part of the window, in this way we will be able to enter the profile page.

Profile from mobile.

Once here, we are going to have to click on the profile picture or our name, it is at the top.

Edit profile.

Then we’re just going to go where it says “Edit Profile.”

Change Steam username from any mobile device.

In this section we can now change our Steam username to the one we want, we can also add a custom URL if we want.

From the Steam website


Obviously, we can also do this from the website from Steam. Once we have logged in we are going to click on our profile picture, which we can find in the upper right corner, we will see that a drop-down menu appears, here we will choose “Profile”.

Edit profile from the web.

Next, we are going to click on “Edit profile”, this option can be found on the right side of this new page.

So we can change Steam username from the website.

We are going to see a section called “General”. Here we will have to enter the new username that we will have. Remember that we can customize the URL of our profile for when we want to share it with our friends.

To finish, the only thing left to do is simply click “Save” for the changes to be applied.

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