Change the password of the bill from Yahoo!! every so often is highly recommended. Actually, it is advisable to change the passwords of our most important accounts from time to time and try to make them really complicated. It is even highly recommended to use a password manager to be able to manage them in a simple way.

Change password for your Yahoo!

On a Windows, Linux, Mac or Chromebook computer; we’re going to have to use the Yahoo! in order to change the password. To start, we will have to open the web browser on our computer and enter the Yahoo! site. Next, we log into our account.

Guide to be able to change your Yahoo account password.

Once we are logged in, we will have to go to the upper right corner and click on “My account” which would be the user icon.

Account security.

Next, a “Personal Information” page will open. Here we will find a sidebar on the left side where we will have to look for the option “Account security”.

Change Password.

Now, Yahoo! It will show us a page where it will ask us to enter the username and password; Obviously we must enter these data to be able to continue.

In this new section, we can view “Account and security”. We scroll down and we will find the option we are looking for “Change password”.

So we can change our Yahoo account password.

Now we are in “Create a new password”. On this page we are going to click on the “New password” field and we will have to write the new password that we will use in our account. Once we finish, at the bottom of the field we will have to click on “Continue”.

When we do, we will see a “Success” message. Which means that we have managed to change the password successfully. We simply click on “Continue” and we can go to the main page. The password has already been changed and from now on we will use this new password to login.

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How to change your Yahoo! From the phone

On any mobile device with iPhone or Android, we will have to use the official Yahoo Mail application to be able to change the password.


We open this app and then we go to the upper left corner of it, we will click on the profile icon.


Next, the “Accounts” menu opens, here we will have to find the “Settings” option.

Account setup.

Once we are in the “Settings” screen, we are going to choose “Manage accounts”.

Now we will see a list of the accounts that we use with the Yahoo mail application. We will have to find the account for which we want to change the password. When we find it, just below we will click on “Account Information”.

On the “Account Information” screen, we will have to click on “Security Settings”. We are going to see an authentication message from the phone. We will have to use our face, fingerprint or password. This will depend on the authentication options that we have configured on our device.

Now, Yahoo Mail will take you to the “Access and Security” page. From here we are going to have to scroll down to the “Password” section and once we are here, we are going to press “Change password”.

In this new page of “Create a new password”, click on the “New password” field. We enter the new password and when we finish we click “Continue”.

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