If you’re running your notebook or laptop on battery power, you’re going to want to keep an eye on the remaining battery time.

In earlier versions of Windows, you could hover your mouse over the system clock and see the estimated time of available battery. Unfortunately, this feature was removed in Windows 11 because Microsoft felt that the time displayed was not entirely accurate. The time remaining if you are playing a game is different from the time remaining if you are using a web browser, for example.

You will only see the remaining battery percentage in Windows 11, but you can still check the remaining battery time in Windows 11 using the Settings app, along with other battery details. Here we explain how.

How to check or verify the battery time left in Windows 11

Before you try to check the remaining battery time on a Windows 11 PC, you will have to take into account the drawback that it is only an estimate. As we have mentioned, the time can vary significantly depending on the applications that are running, the brightness of the screen, the connected devices, etc.

To check the estimated amount of time remaining in Windows 11, follow these steps:

  1. Open the menu of Start and open the Setting or use the key Windows + I to throw the Setting directly.

  1. when it opens Setting, click on System in the list on the left.
  2. On the right, click power and battery.

  1. At the top of the menu power and batteryyou will see the Estimated time remaining under the percentage number. This is the same information that appeared when hovering over the clock in previous versions.

  1. An easier way to view this information is to right-click on the battery icon on the taskbar and select Power and sleep settings.

Check screen on time and other details in Windows 11

While you are in the Power & Battery section, you can also check other battery details. This will give you an overview of your battery usage and can help you decide which apps you’re running the most, and which apps you should stop using to save battery life.

To view more detailed battery information in Windows 11, follow the steps below:

  1. Opens Settings > System > battery and power and click the link See detailed information on the battery level graph.

  1. the section of Battery usage will expand and you will be able to see the battery levels for the last 24 hours. Click the dropdown menu and select last 7 days for more details.
  2. Below the graph, you’ll see the average daily screen time (screen on), screen time off, and the time your laptop has been in sleep mode.

  1. Scroll down a bit and you can see the battery usage per app. If you want to learn about a particular app and see its impact on battery life, type its name in the search field to find it.

Configuring battery settings in Windows 11

The Windows 11 Settings app provides some good details about battery life. Having to open Settings every time to check battery time isn’t convenient, but at least you know where to look.

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