There are a few methods to compsteal if an email sent via Gmail has been opened. Generally, it is enough to wait for a response or resend the mail if it has not arrived. However, some emails can be very important and you need to know if the other person has read it. Achieving this is possible on both mobile devices and computers.

Check if an email sent by Gmail has been opened from Android

Create mail.

We open the Gmail application on Android and we will click on the “Compose” button in the lower right corner of the screen.

Write mail.

We will create our email as we normally would.

This way we will know if a Gmail email was opened.

Now we will have to go to the upper right corner of the screen, click on the three points and choose “Request reading receipt”. When you’re ready, we’ll click the “Send” button to send the email to the recipient.

Use a plugin to know if they have seen a sent mail

One of the most reliable ways to tell if an email sent in Gmail has been opened is by using Mailtrack, which is free. This plugin allows us to observe who read our email and when. It is compatible with any kind of Gmail account.

Using the email tracker mailtrack and incoming monitored indication, we can all see how many mails have been sent and received.

But not only will we receive a notification, we will also see how many times the message was opened, for example. The tool is responsible for supervising everything related to that email, it will even notify us if it has not been opened in more than 24 hours. It is also possible to control the frequency and timing of visits to the email links included in the message.

Install extension.

It will be installed as a Chrome extension, so it’s too easy. We go to the Chrome web store by following the link that we left you earlier and click on “Add to Chrome”.

How to check if a Gmail email has been opened

We will have to accept the permission and select “Connect with Gmail”. Gmail will update automatically after this. We will close the browser and reopen it if we do not see Mailtrack in our account.

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