There are different ways to highlight a text on Microsoft Wordone of these is to put a circle, we could also bold, italicize, or highlight the text. However, when we need it to stand out a lot, nothing better than adding a way.

Microsoft Word has a large number of options when it comes to editing a document, we can even edit a PDF file. On some occasion we are going to need to highlight certain texts in our document and the best way to do it is with a circle, something that we are going to see a little further down.

Add a circle to text in Microsoft Word

Word forms.

The first thing we will have to do is open a Word document and go to the Insert tab. From here, we will have to look for the “Forms” option to be able to see the available options.

Office graphics.

The closest shape to a circle is the oval, which works quite well for circular text. We will have to choose this option in the Basic Forms section.

Circle in Office.

Now the cursor will change to a plus sign. We will have to click and drag to draw the oval on the document. We can make it as big as we need to be able to place it in the text we want to surround. Similarly, later we can change the shape without any problem.

Once we have the circle, we can adjust it so that we see the text inside it. We will also be able to make various format changes such as the size or color of the line.

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How to format a form in Word

Format the added shape.

To format the circle in the text in Word that we just added, we can use the “Format” tab. If our shape has a fill color that we need to remove, we will need to select and choose “No Fill” from the Shape Fill dropdown box found on the Format Shape tab.

Thanks to this option, it allows us to add the circle on the text and only see the outline of the shape. We can also adjust the line of the circle by selecting the Shape Outline dropdown arrow. Then, we can change the color, thickness and style of the line.

Thus we have managed to put a circle around the text in Microsoft Word

The changes that we are making are applied immediately, so we can visualize how it could look and make the appropriate modifications before accepting.

How to move and resize the shape

Click and drag to position it.

We can also move the circle to position it in the text in Word, we’re just going to have to drag it.

We move the circle in Word.

If we need the circle to be larger or smaller, all we have to do is drag a corner or edge, moving the mouse, we can modify its size.

In this way we have managed to put a circle around the text in Word.

Basically, we will have to do this to get the right size that can wrap the Word text.

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