These days we find that many household devices come covered in fabric, while it may look very attractive, it is not exactly easy to clean. We all know that a huge enemy of technology is dust, so it is essential clean up our fabric covered smart speaker. But how can we achieve it optimally? We will give you several tips to keep them reasonably clean.

It is important that we always keep our devices clean: mobile phones, speakers, Windows PCs, laptops, consoles, etc. Let’s remember that keeping our devices clean will help prevent overheating and extend the life of our devices.

Clean cloth-covered smart speaker

If our speaker or other cloth-covered device has too much dust, hair, small crumbs, or any kind of pesky mess, we can try several things:

Ideally, you should use a microfiber cloth to be able to clean all the debris. In case the device has too much hair or crumbs, a small vacuum cleaner can be the solution, even a small attachment for the household vacuum cleaner could remove the dirt. Although we have to be very careful not to use too much suction.

We can also use a lint or pet hair roller. What we don’t recommend for anything in the world is using cans of compressed air to remove anything from a speaker, air pressure can damage fragile parts very easily and quickly.

What do we do with the stains?

The issue of stains is something that we must deal with separately. If the stain is light, we may be able to remove it with a slightly damp microfiber cloth. amazon ensures that we can clean the Echo and Echo Dot with a soft cloth slightly dampened with water and a little isopropyl alcohol.

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However, we find that other manufacturers are much stricter in this regard. For example Apple He says that to clean the HomePod, we will have to use a soft and dry cloth; Google ensures the same with your Nest products.

In case the stain does not come out with a cloth, then it is recommended to use a slightly moistened soft bristle toothbrush.

And something that we all agree on is that for nothing in the world will we have to use a cloth soaked in alcohol, nor spray it with glass cleaner or use anything other than water or a little alcohol to moisten the cloth.

What do we do if all this does not remove the stain? Perhaps the best alternative in this case is to turn that part of our speaker facing the wall, where no one can see it.

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