For some things the screen of our mobile device can be small. In these cases, it is best clone or duplicate the screen of our iPhone on Roku. Luckily, achieving this is a very simple process that we will teach you a little further down.

Roku is a considerably interesting device with infinite options, we can delete or remove channels as we wish to configure it the way we like it, see all the options that the secret menus have or duplicate the screen of our mobile phone.

Enable AirPlay and Screen Mirroring on Roku

Apple AirPlay and HomeKit

In order to duplicate the screen of our iPhone on Roku we will have to enable AirPlay and Screen Mirroring. For this we go to the Roku home screen and we will have to select Settings. In this new menu, we are going to look for the option that says Apple AirPlay and HomeKit.


When we see the configuration, we are going to select AirPlay in the upper right and we will have to leave it activated.

In order to use AirPlay on Roku from an iPhone or iPad, we will have to meet these requirements:

  • Our Roku, iPhone or iPad will have to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • We have to run Roku OS 9.4 or higher to use AirPlay 2.
  • We need a Roku device that supports AirPlay 2. From the page of support of Roku we can configure the model of our device.
  • We will also have to have an iPhone or iPad compatible with AirPlay 2. This can also be confirmed from this page.
Enable Screen Mirroring.

Now we will have to enable Screen Mirroring, from the home screen we are going to go to Settings and choose System > Screen mirroring.

Screen mirroring mode.

In Screen mirroring, we will have to select Screen mirroring mode and configure it to Ask or Allow depending on what we want.

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Mirror or clone iPhone screen to Roku

Mirror iPhone Screen to Roku

Once we meet the prerequisites, it’s time to visualize the small screen of our iPhone in the largest. We will open the Control Center of our iPhone or iPad and go to the Screen mirroring icon. We will have to choose the Roku device from the list. If requested, we will have to enter the code of our television in the device.

Screen mirroring example.

After this we would have to see the screen of our mobile phone on our Roku TV.

Something that we must consider is that the size of the screen of our device has very different dimensions from that of the television. So on several occasions we may see black lines around.

When we mirror the screen, we will be able to do everything that we would normally do on the mobile device and it will be seen on the big screen.

Stop Screen Mirroring from iPhone to Roku

If we don’t want to continue mirroring the screen, we can press the Home button on the Roku remote. We can also go to Control Center on iPhone or iPad, choose the Screen mirroring icon and choose Stop mirroring.

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