• No matter how much you take advantage of split screen on iPad, you will have to close it sooner or later
  • There are several ways to do this, including one that disables the feature permanently

Multitasking is an almost indispensable ability in these times, in which we have to carry out a large number of tasks simultaneously. Apple knows this, and that is why it has given us some ease on its iPads thanks to iPadOS 16. However, Although most of the users have doubts about how to open this specific function, you should also know how to close split screen on iPad so that you can proceed with something specific without any hassles..

It is that, as we said, there will come a point where you want to access a program or application in full screen. While the idea of ​​having two open side by side is interesting because you’ll be able to reference one and work on the other, there will come a time when you want to go back to the classic view where there’s only one window on the screen.

Apple developers have worked hard to make it easier for us to both turn this feature on and off. Just as they incorporate the split screen feature, you can reverse it with up to three infallible methods.

Keep in mind that not all iPads come with split screen, only a few have it. In this article we focus on how to undo the function on them. If you have an older one, then you will have to resort to a solution that we have been teaching and that is Split View for split screen on old iPads.

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How to close split screen on iPad?

With own screen divider

The most common way to close the split screen on iPad will be, of course, to do it from the screen divider itself. Once you have split screen like you usually do, the process to “unsplit” it is very simple. You just have to move one of the two programs or applications to the same side they are on. It means that you will close the left window by sliding it to the left, and the right window by sliding it to the right.

Immediately one of the two programs or applications will disappear from the iPad screen. remove your finger. Remember that you must execute this movement slowly. If you are too fast you will only achieve that one of the programs or applications remain in the background while another one will remain floating in miniature above it.

With the start button

If you have an iPad model that comes with a Home button, there is a trick to close the split screen.

  • In an open split-screen session, tap the Home button
  • All programs and applications should appear small
  • Slide all programs and applications up except the one that will occupy the screen
  • So when you close all but one program and app, that one should take up the entire screen.

For that program or application to occupy it completely, open it as usual.

Disabling the feature

Finally, you can obviously get rid of this feature by disabling it so that it can never bother you. Personally I think it’s not a good solution, but if you don’t usually use multitasking it will work for you.

  • Open Settings on your iPad by pressing the gear icon
  • In the navigation panel on the left side, tap Home Screen and Dock
  • With in the Home Screen menu and Dock already expanded disable “Allow multiple applications”
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For the changes to take effect you will have to close the current session on iPad and start another.


Just as you should know what the procedure is to split the screen on your iPad, you have to incorporate at least a couple of the methods to return it to its normal vision. This will allow you to quickly exit and give the necessary space to each of the programs or applications that cannot share space with others.

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