We can’t deny that Apple’s wireless headphones are great, best of all, connect AirPods Pro to any device is not complicated at all. One could even say that, within everything, the process is almost always the same. So you don’t get lost, we have written a complete guide so you can connect them to any device.

Connect AirPods Pro with Mac

  • We will have to have our Mac updated to the latest version.
  • We will put our AirPods Pro in the case and position it close to the Mac.
  • We’re going to have to make sure the lid is open.
  • Next, we are going to press and hold the settings button on the back of the case.
  • We release the button when the white light flashes.
  • On the Mac device, we will have to click on Apple at the top and choose System Preferences. Next, we are going to choose Bluetooth.
  • We will see that the AirPods Pro appears in the list of devices.
  • We select them and click Connect.

Connect them with iPhone and iPad

  • The AirPods Pro have to be inside the case, we will bring them closer to the device and open the cover.
  • On the iPhone or iPad, we will see a pop-up window.
  • We will press, Connect and follow the instructions to pair both devices.

With AppleTV

  • As always, AirPods Pro should be in their case with the lid open.
  • We press Play on the remote control and the TV screen will show us the nearby Bluetooth devices.
  • We chose AirPods Pro to connect.
  • This process will work only if we have the same Apple ID as on our iPhone.
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With Apple Watch

  • We will have to put AirPods Pro in pairing mode.
  • We open the Settings menu and we are going to activate Bluetooth on Apple Watch.
  • We should see the AirPods Pro available to pair.

Pair with an Android device

  • AirPods Pro must be in pairing mode.
  • We go to Android Settings> Bluetooth and activate it.
  • Click on pair new device and we will see the AirPods Pro in the available list.
  • We will click on these to connect.

As we can see, it is very easy to connect them to almost any device without any kind of problem. In a matter of a few seconds we will be able to enjoy all the advantages that these Apple devices can offer.

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