Do you want to know how to bring all the fun of your console to the big screen? We tell you how to increase the experience by connect nintendo switch to tv to enjoy in docked mode.

Before we begin it is important that you know that this will not work with a Nintendo Switch Lite, as it is designed as a handheld console. That is, it was made to be purely portable.

Pay attention to third-party docks and chargers

Nintendo Switch is not 100% compliant with USB-C specifications. In fact, early reports indicated that the console could over spin 300% of the power required to run. That is why some owners of this console indicated that they no longer work after loading them with third-party bases.

Using unofficial chargers and docks with your Switch will always carry great risk. Although unlikely, Nintendo could issue a firmware update at any time that causes new problems. Thus, the use of officially licensed accessories from the company, including the official Nintendo power adapter, is the best way to protect your video game console.

Another option, when carefully choosing third-party accessories, is to do so based on the reputation of the brand in question and customer feedback. Many companies have improved the quality of their docks and adapters, designing them exclusively for Nintendo’s power specifications, modifying the general USB-C standard.

How to connect Nintendo Switch to a TV with the official dock

Using the official base is the most practical and secure way to connect your Nintendo Switch to your television. To do this, start by taking your base and open the cover on the back, exposing the HDMI port and the USB-C port of the power adapter, as shown in the image.

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Next, connect an HDMI cable to the dock, followed by the Switch power adapter that came with the console in the box. Now you can close the cover at the back. Make sure to carefully pass the cables through the small opening on the side.

The next thing will be to connect the other end of the HDMI cable to your television. When you do, don’t worry about using the HDMI 2.1 ports, as the Nintendo Switch doesn’t need the extra bandwidth.

Next, plug the power adapter into the wall and make sure the base is positioned so that neither the HDMI cable nor the power cable is stretched. Also, avoid placing the dock anywhere where it might trip and fall.

Once you have all this ready, you are ready to place your Nintendo Switch in the dock and turn it on. You don’t need to have the Joy-Con attached while in the dock, so you’ll be able to remove them and use them as controllers just fine. Either one in each hand, or using the Joy-Con adapter that came with your Cambie to create a makeshift joypad.

Now, go into your TV settings and switch to the HDMI input to see the Switch control panel or lock screen. Instead, if it doesn’t, make sure the switch is on by pressing the power button on the top of your console, or by pressing the home button on a paired controller.

From now on, you can take your Nintendo Switch out of the dock to pick it up and play in handheld mode as often as you like.

How to connect Nintendo Switch to a TV with a third-party portable dock

As we told you at the beginning, there are currently some good options on the market if you travel with your Nintendo Switch and still want to use your console on a television screen. Some of these solutions will allow you to charge your console without having to waste time with your setup docked at home.

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One of them is Human Things GENKI Covert Dock, recommended for its strong reputation for including global adapters and a USB-C cable. This is more of a docking-capable power adapter than a port in the traditional sense. There are also other third-party docks that are more similar to the official one, although the laptops are very different.

With the Human Things GENKI Covert Dock, your Nintendo Switch won’t sit inside, so you’ll need to make sure you place your console on a surface with good airflow. It is important that the base itself is connected directly to the wall, which means that the power outlet must be close to the television or monitor that you want to use.

With your dock plugged in, connect the HDMI cable (not included) from the dock to the display you want to use. Then plug the included USB-C cable into the dock and plug the other end into your console. When you do, you’ll notice that you’ll have a spare USB-A port, which can be used to pair peripherals like the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, for example.

As long as the dock is powered on, your Nintendo Switch will work as it would on the official dock. So please check that your TV is tuning to the correct HDMI input. Then turn on your console using the button on the top of the console, or by using the home button on a paired controller.

Human Things, ensures that GENKI Covert Dock is specially designed keeping in mind the power specifications of Nintendo Switch. That is why the product has an excellent rating from users who have used it on their consoles.

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How to use a USB-C hub to connect Nintendo Switch to a TV

Finally, it’s also possible to use a standard USB-C hub to connect your Nintendo Switch to a TV, as long as it has an HDMI port. You should be aware that not all hubs will work and this is where the usual caveats about the USB-C standard apply.

One of the best options is the RREAKA USB-C to HDMI Digital AV Multiport Hub, which ships with compatibility with the Nintendo Switch. Remember that when using it, it is best to use your original Nintendo power adapter.

In addition, the connector must have a USB-C cable sticking out so that it can be connected directly to a PC. Take this and plug it directly into the USB-C port located on the bottom of your Nintendo Switch console. At this point you may need to try different USB-C cables in case you can’t get everything working right away.

After you’re done, connect the HDMI output to the display you want to use and your Nintendo Switch’s power adapter to the wall and plug it into a spare USB-C input on the hub.

Finally, tune your TV to the correct HDMI input and turn on your console, using the power button on the top of the Nintendo Switch or by pressing the home button on a paired controller.

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