We cannot deny that having a smart home can be convenient in many ways. From the possibility of automating the lighting, to controlling the thermostat or even the vacuum cleaner. Thanks to a smart home, our chaotic daily routines can be less chaotic. Control Google Home since Pixel Watchhelps to improve this quality of life that we so much desire.

Control Google Home from Pixel Watch

We cannot deny that Pixel Watch, Google’s smart watch, arrived with everything and immediately became one of the best smartwatches today. One of the things that most attracts attention is its elegant design; but it’s also making everyone talk about what Google plans to do with software for mobile devices.

So, we are going to explain how we can use our Pixel Watch to be able to control Google Home, it is quite simple.

The first thing we’ll have to do, in case we haven’t already, is download the app Google Home from the Play Store. We can do it directly from the Pixel Watch or from our linked mobile device.

Once we have the application installed, we will have to press the haptic crown to access the applications installed on the watch.

Group or device that we want to control.

Next, we’re going to have to scroll down and tap on Start in the list of apps. We will select the room that contains the devices that we want to control and click on the group or device that we want to control.

It’s actually quite easy, when we tap on a room in the Home app on our Pixel Watch, the groups will be presented first, like setting the lights. So if we want to manage a light individually, we’ll have to scroll down past the groups, where we can see every smart home device that’s in the room in question.

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As we can see, it is something very easy to achieve, so when we do not have our smartphone nearby or we do not want to take it out of our pocket, we can make changes in our home, from our clock and Google Home, without many problems, without having to lose the rhythm of daily routine.

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