If you want to know how turn into your images or photos to PDF on iPhone and on iPad, then you came to the right place. Because we are going to explain in an extremely simple way everything you have to do to achieve it.

Let’s pretend that we have a lot of really incredible photos on our device. We want to share them, but we don’t want other people to edit them. So what we can do is convert them to read-only PDF files. To achieve this, we will have to follow these steps.

Convert images to PDF on iPhone and iPad

Create iPhone shortcut.

The first thing we will do is open the “Shortcuts” application on our device. Now we are going to have to click on the “+” sign that is in the upper right corner of the screen. After this, we will have to add a shortcut name and click on “Add action”.

Create action.

We will write “Select photos” in the search engine or “Select Photos” and then select it in the list of results. Now we are going to click on the arrow pointing up that is next to “Select photos”.

Transform images to PDF.

Here we are going to have to activate the option “Select several”, we write “Create PDF” in the search box and we select it from the results. Then we will write “Share” and also select it from the results.

Shortcut to convert images created.

Click on the Settings icon in the upper right corner, activate “Add to home screen” and then simply click “Add”. In this way, the PDF converter will be found on the home screen of our iPhone or iPad.

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How to use shortcut to transform images to PDF on iOS

This is how we can convert iPhone PDF images.
  • We click on the “Convert to PDF” icon that we put on the home screen, which will open the photos app.
  • Now we have to choose the photo that we want to convert.
  • We will select “Add” in the upper right corner.
  • Next, we will choose one of the available options. In the following example, we are going to hide three images. Therefore, we select Show 3 o’clock or Always allow.
  • After this, we press “Save files”.
  • We choose the location to send the created PDF and that’s it.

As you can see, the most complex thing is to create the shortcut. However, it is something we do only once and then, we can now convert all the images to PDF on iPhone that we want.

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