• OBS is a powerful screen recording and transmission tool, which offers us all the features we are looking for, but it has only one problem: it creates MKV-type files
  • These MKV files may not be accepted by many of the most popular players, and that means that either the OBS settings will have to be modified, or the MKV file format will have to be transformed.
  • There are many online platforms to convert from MKV to MP4, so we recommend one of them, and we will show you what are the steps you must follow to be able to use the new MP4 file as you want

When a few days ago we showed you how to record screen with audio in Windows 10, we said that the best program to perform this kind of procedure is OBS, although its contents come out in the MKV format. Then, If you have just made a screen recording and its original format does not work for you because the players do not accept it, you better know how to transfer your OBS files from MKV to MP4.

As we said, OBS is a powerful screen recording and casting tool, and although there are others that claim to offer us a similar operation, the truth is that, in practice, few come close.

During use, OBS allows users to use overlays, create scenes, switch between scenes, record desktop audio, and more. We can say, then, that your only problem for us is that it creates MKV files.

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Well, the advantage is that we will always be able to modify the OBS configuration so that it generates files in MP4 format and not MKV, although that makes sense just thinking about the files that we are going to produce later. As long as we have already downloaded the file, it will be easier to change its format.

How to convert an OBS file from MKV to MP4?

There are hundreds of online tools that you can use to convert an MKV file to MP4, such as CloudConvert. Let’s see what are the Steps you have to follow to convert MKV to MP4 with CloudConvert.

  • Enter the page of CloudConvert
  • Once there, click on Select files
  • Select the MKV file you intend to convert
  • Click on the wrench icon to set an output quality
  • Click on Convert and, when the conversion is finished, download the new MP4 file

And how to make OBS generate MP4 files?

Uploading a screen recording and then downloading it can take time, and you will depend on a web service like CloudConvert, which may fail or restrict the conversion of too many files after a while.

Therefore, and although in other circumstances we would advise you to bet on an offline conversion tool, when it comes to OBS, there is always that possibility of changing the output format, omitting the conversion.

  • Open OBS on your computer
  • Go to Settings, on the right
  • Go to the Advanced tab, in Settings
  • Enable the Remux option automatically to MP4, by clicking Apply
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From then on, all the files that you produce with CloudConvert will be in MP4 format, and not MKV.

Of course, keep in mind that OBS does not support other output formats natively, so if you are interested in working with formats such as MOV, you will have to decide on CloudConvert with no other option.



In summary, although there are other methods for how to convert MKV videos to MP4, the best thing about this one that we have just taught you is that you will not need to download programs -or have them downloaded- but only the browser and the Internet.

Y Although MKV files store more information, and their image quality is higher than that provided by MP4, the latter have support for most players.

If you prioritize having MP4 of the highest possible quality, you should modify the OBS settings. These results will be better than what you will get if you convert MKV to MP4.

This is because online conversion tools may not always take video quality into account when converting a file, and tend to compress files, losing quality during conversion.

The advantage, on the other hand, is that they are downloaded lighter MP4 files, which take up less space.

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