it’s possible create a bullet list thanks to the CHAR function in Microsoft Excel. These bullets can be letters or numbers, they are ideal for highlighting items in a list. Excel functions are just great, they become very useful to be able to do almost anything.

We have repeatedly talked about all the possibilities offered by the Microsoft option, unlike the alternatives to Office. We find different features and tools that far outperform the competition.

Create a bullet list with the CHAT function in Microsoft Excel

The first thing we will have to do is start Microsoft Excel and enter the data in the spreadsheet. In our example, we have entered a result header so that we can display the result of the function.

Using the CHAR function.

Right below the Result heading, we’re going to have to enter the following formula: =CHAT(149) and then we’re going to have to press Enter in order to see the result.

Bullet list.

In case we already have a list in the spreadsheet and we only want to add bullet points using the CHAR function; so we will have to add =CHAR(149)&” “&A3.

In this example, 149 is the code and A3 is the cell that has the data we want to copy, we will press Enter to view the result.

What we’re going to see is that the data in cell A3 will be copied, but we’ll also notice that it has a bullet point in front of it.

If what we want is to copy the rest of the data in the list, we will have to drag the fill handle down, we will quickly see that the other copied data will also have bullets. So now, we’re going to remove the old list and proceed to replace it with the bullet list.

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So, the CHAR function handles codes with numbers, each of these in the formula will give a different result, we can see it in the example.

Other methods to use the CHAR function in Excel

How to create a bullet list with the CHAR function in Excel

We also find other methods to make use of this function, the first is by clicking on the “fx” button that is located at the top of the window.

Clicking it opens an Insert Function window. Within this, we are going to select a category and choose Text. In the Select a function part, we will have to choose CHAR. Then we click OK.

Function arguments.

A new window opens, in this case Function Arguments. We will have to write in the input box the cell that has the number we want to calculate and we will click OK.

The following method is quite simple, actually, we will click on the Formulas tab and then on Text in the Function Library group. Next, we will proceed to select Character from the drop-down menu.

A new dialog box called Function Arguments opens and we will have to follow the same steps that we mentioned before.

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