Create a chart in Google Slides is an ideal way to present our data. Thanks to these, we can create an eye-catching, informative and direct presentation that our audience will love, especially if we are going to add links. Because when we produce a presentation, it must not only contain specific data, but also fonts and a professional appearance.

Create a chart in Google Slides

The first thing we will have to do is visit the Google Slides website, log in and open our presentation; We can even convert a PowerPoint to Slides and add a graphic. Now we will have to go to the slide where we want to add the chart; Since the chart will cover the entire slide by default, we recommend starting with a blank slide. We can then resize and move it as we wish.

Insert chart in Google Slides.

We go to the Insert menu, then Chart, and we’re going to have to choose the type of chart we want to use from the submenu. We have the most common graphics such as bars, lines, sectors and columns.

Edit with Google Sheets

After this we will see a default graph with data on the slide. We can also see a small message that will appear in the lower left part of the graph, if we click here, we can edit it.

Options to edit.

In case the message disappears, we can edit it anyway. We will select the graph by clicking and then we will click again on the arrow that appears in the upper corner. Then we are going to choose “Open Source” and a new browser tab will open with the graph and data.

How to edit it

Modify graph.

It is possible to use the data shown in the graph if it suits our needs. If this is not the case, we will simply have to adjust the cells at the top to add more data.


To adjust what you see on the chart, we’ll click on the three dots in the top right and choose “Edit Chart”. This will open a sidebar on the right side called “Chart Editor” so we can adjust various settings.

After creating a chart in Google Slides, we can customize it.

If what we want is to customize the graph, then we have a tab called “Customize” in this same sidebar. We can expand the different sections to be able to configure it as we wish.

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Once we’re done editing everything, we’re just going to have to go back to the original Google Slides tab and voila.

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