• Presentations don’t have to be limited to just those who use Adobe or CorelDraw
  • Platforms like Canva make it easy to create presentations that are not only fast but also attractive.
  • How to produce presentations, thumbnails or videos and share them with other users?

Whether at work or in college, sooner or later you will probably have to give a presentation. Until a few years ago, that meant asking for help from a colleague who knew about the subject, or trying to get by on your own. However, luckily today there are programs developed for those who are not experts in them. Justly, If you know how to create a presentation in Canva, you will have solved many common problems in both work and student situations and that is why we want to teach you the basic steps..

At this point, Canva is by far the simplest app out there for creating content with visual impact. Unlike what happened before, it is no longer limited only to graphic design but also allows you to make infographics, improve your CV, etc. That is why it is essential that you learn to master its functions if you work or study.

How to create a presentation in Canva step by step

The procedure to create a presentation in Canva is extremely simple, and consists of the following:

  • Open the official Canva portal via this link and search for the word Presentation in the search bar
  • You will get two presentation options as a result, the aspect ratios 16:9 and 4:3. The first is more common, so if you are going to create a video, it is recommended that you select 16:9, leaving 4:3 for photographs or images.
  • A new window will open immediately and you can change the name of the presentation if you prefer
create canva 2 presentation

How to create a PowerPoint-like presentation in Canva?

You can use Canva to create a presentation like PowerPoint but in a much more intuitive way. You can directly embed images and videos from the left side of the screen in a few seconds. You will discover photos, videos, text, even complete templates. Then you can change the background and more.

  • Once you are done with your editing, go to Share in the top right corner and select More
  • Scroll until you find Microsoft PowerPoint in the list of options that are available
  • Click on Download to save it in .pptx format, that of PowerPoint
create canva 3 presentation

How to create a thumbnail in Canva?

Thumbnails can come in handy if you want to place them as a slideshow for your YouTube videos, for example.

Since the ideal size of a video is 16:9, you must use the 16:9 display format for thumbnails:

  • Create the basic PowerPoint presentation file in 16:9 format as described
  • Use the images from the Photos tab, text, background and any other elements
  • Click Share in the top right corner
  • Select formats like JPG or PNG
  • Confirm with the Download button
create canva 4 presentation

How to create an MP4 video in Canva?

Although many do not know it, also is it possible to create YouTube videos in Canva. In fact, it is not difficult. You have to take advantage of the same 16:9 presentation format and follow the steps that we explain:

  • Create the basic PowerPoint presentation file in 16:9 format as described
  • Use the MP4 video files to add them to your presentation as a video
  • You have to put several slides, so that everything makes sense
  • Click Share in the top right corner
  • Select the MP4 video format
  • Confirm with Download

How to share your Canva presentation with other people?

We have already explained the procedure to download files created in Canva from presentation mode. You can also share the Canva presentation using the Share feature, thanks to the various options available, ranging from copying its link to sending it by email or sharing it on networks. Likewise, if in the Share section you click on More you will see many other alternatives.

Other frequently asked questions

Is the Canva program free?

Yes, Canva and most of its features are free. And the good news is that, unlike other software, for almost all the tasks that you will normally carry out, you will not need to pay for the Premium version. Additionally, there are Internet pages where you will find complements to their contents.

What is Canva used for?

While products like Adobe and CorelDraw are used to create content, learning how to use them takes time. On the other hand, Canva is an app that anyone can use and can be mastered in just a few hours. Mostly free, it will get you out of trouble and will embellish any presentation you have to make.

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