Following a few simple steps, we can remove people, pets and objects from the background of our photos thanks to a function that is included in iOS 16, we can even create image cutouts on our iPhone Without much effort.

We cannot deny that the lock screen is one of the best features that iOS 16 brought. Although we also find a very interesting function: the possibility of easily cropping some of the images.

It’s an easy way to separate a subject from a background and share the results. This is something that would generally take a lot of time using a photo editing program, let alone the prior knowledge it requires.

Create Image Cutouts in iOS 16

The first thing we will have to do is open the photos application on our device. Now we are going to have to find the image in the photo album with the subject that we want to isolate and crop. It can be a person, pet or object.

Create crop and share.

We will keep pressing the subject until we feel a haptic buzz and we see that a white border appears that identifies the subject. Here, we are going to have to click on Copy or Share.

If we copy the image, we can paste it into any application that allows us to paste a PNG image. It can be in Google search, messaging apps, etc. If we press share, we will have options such as AirDrop.

Some interesting tips

Basically, that would be it, as we can see, it is something that we achieve in a matter of seconds. However, here we leave you several tips that can help you a lot.

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Any image that we have saved on our device, applies to be able to do this, it is not necessary that the photograph was captured with a compatible iPhone. Another detail to keep in mind is that it works much better with people, pets or objects that are well defined in the image.

If we hold down an image and nothing happens, we will have to try again in another part of the image. If after several attempts, we do not get results, it is likely that the image is not the best to use the automatic function.

In these cases, the only alternative left to us is to use a photo editing program and proceed to cut manually.

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