It is possible that at one time or another we want to create PowerPoint slides using an outline. In that case, we recommend following the following guide to the letter where we will teach how to create an outline in Word, Notepad or any text editing application. Luckily, it’s pretty easy to do.

In case we don’t have Microsoft PowerPoint and instead we use some of the free alternatives to Office, the steps to follow are similar; although as you can imagine, some options will vary due to the interface.

Summary steps to follow

  • Create the outline using notepad or Word.
  • Save it in DOCX or TXT format.
  • Open PowerPoint.
  • Go to the Insert tab.
  • Click on New Slide.
  • Choose the outline slide option.
  • Select the file created above and click Insert.

Just in case it is not entirely clear, a little further down we will see in detail all the steps that we will have to follow to be able to create PowerPoint slides using an outline. It is very easy!

Create PowerPoint slides from an outline

The first thing will be to create an outline for our presentation. The scheme in question can be created in Word, notepad or any other similar app. Although the best thing is to use these applications and save the file in DOCX or TXT format. This is because PowerPoint can easily read the formats and we won’t have any problem opening the files.

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We can also create subpoints if we wish. Once the file is created, we will have to save it in DOCX or TXT format, depending on the application that we are using to create the scheme in question.

Choose scheme.

After this, we are going to proceed to open PowerPoint on our computer and go to the Insert tab. This is where we will be able to find an option called New Slide. We will have to click on the option and choose Outline Slides.

Insert outline in PowerPoint.

A panel will open that will give us the possibility to choose the schema file. So we will have to choose the one we created earlier and click Insert.

Once we click on Insert, all the slides will be created automatically. Main points can be found as the title of the slides. PowerPoint creates the same number of slides as the number of points we add in the outline.

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