How to create your website? How much is it? – these are the two most frequently asked questions. The answer is simple: you can create it yourself for $ 100. What is required for this? We will tell you in this article.

First, you need to decide what type of web portal you need (blog, business card site, forum, or online store). And now the most important thing is to choose a system with which you will create and manage your online resource. WordPress is a great solution just for those who don’t have knowledge of programming and web design. Therefore, we chose this particular platform to show how easy and fast it is to create a website. You can read more about this system in the article “10 Reasons to Create a Blog on WordPress”.

How to create your website in 3 steps:

  1. Choose a domain and hosting.  The domain will tell you what the resource is about, it is important that the name is short and easy to remember, you can buy a domain name from The quality of the portal depends on the choice of hosting, so pay special attention to this, we would highly recommend using Siteground <- Get best discounts on Siteground here.
  2. Choose a CMS – Content Management System. There are different systems, both paid and free: WordPress, Blogger, 1C-Bitrix, Prestashop, and others. Choose the one that best suits your project. For us, this is WordPress.
  3. Choose a design and its functionality –  for this you need to decide which template and what plugins you need for it: for example, for a multilingual portal you need a plugin such as WPML, BuddyPress is suitable for a forum, WooCommerce for e-commerce, etc.

How to create your own website: how much does hosting and domain cost?

What is a domain? And what is hosting? A domain is a URL, or address, that users enter into search engines to find a specific web resource. Hosting is the place on the server where the portal files and database are stored.

There are many types, for a start it is better to stay on the virtual one, when one server supports many different portals. This is the most economical type.

For high-quality service, you will need to pay about $ 50 per year, a domain – about $ 12, but many providers provide a domain name for free for a year when purchasing.

Hence, logical questions arise: which company to choose and why, given the existence of many free ones, why do many choose paid hosting? For several reasons:

  • firstly, free service providers publish numerous advertisements on customer pages;
  • secondly, there is no guarantee of safety and stable operation;
  • third, web pages on a free server are much slower or not indexed by search engines at all.

Among the paid ones, there are also so-called hosting for WordPress, for example, Siteground, which we use ourselves and whose administrative panel allows you to install this CMS in one click, saving time for downloading from the developer’s page. 

How to create your own WordPress website for free? 

WordPress allows you to easily create your own web resource for free, regularly releases updates and is one of the most popular content management systems. By the way, many portals of major publications and corporations, such as The New York Times and CNN, operate on this platform.

Its flexible built-in theme and plugin system provides almost endless possibilities for creating any kind of web resource. It is enough to know how to make the most of these features, how to change the theme of the site, and which plugins are suitable for this type of site. By carefully following the instructions, anyone can create a WordPress site that is multifunctional and with an excellent design.

There are two web portals: and What is the difference? In the first case, following the link, you can download the program itself and install it on your hosting. offers to buy hosting with the software already installed directly on this site. True, in this case, it will be possible to install only some free themes and plugins for this engine, and you will have to limit yourself to basic site management capabilities.

How to create your website to attract attention?

You need to think carefully about the design and choose a professional theme! Practice shows that a simple and intuitive design is much more effective than an overly original one. It is recommended to use no more than 2-3 colors (in addition to white and black) and no more than two types of fonts.

The location of information and images on the pages of the online portal is of great importance. Various themes or, as they are also called, WordPress templates will help to better organize its space. They can be bought or received free of charge. The main differences between the paid ones are as follows:

  • paid themes are usually better made, allow web pages to have a professional design
  • regularly updated and supplemented (all this is free)
  • they have technical support from the developer and often the necessary plugins are already built into these themes

A professional theme for WP costs about $ 50, you buy it once, for this there is a good platform with a large selection of themes – If you do not want to spend money , then you can download the themes on the official website

Unfortunately, even among the paid ones, themes of not very high quality can come across, so when choosing it is worth looking not only at its graphic design but also at how the theme is estimated by people who already use it. 

Separately, it should be said that the interface of ALL WordPress themes is in English! Russian refers to those that allow you to display various page icons in Russian, thereby simplifying site navigation for visitors. You can translate almost any theme by installing, for example, a free WP plugin – Codestyling Localization.

So how to build your website from scratch and how much does it cost?

Hosting and domain – $ 50, WordPress installation – free, professional template – $ 50. Only about $ 100. For this amount you get a stably working web resource with a beautiful, eye-catching design, and a convenient management system – everything you need to start a successful business on the Internet.

You just want to create your own WordPress site, do you still have questions on how to do it? Or maybe you have been using this platform for a long time and want to share your experience? Then leave your comments here, we will be glad to know your opinion and answer questions.

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