In the same way that we can do it in Windows, we also have the possibility of personalize the taskbar or library on Chromebook. In this way we can manage the applications that we have open and open the new ones without any kind of problem. A little further down we are going to explain how we can customize this bar.

Customize taskbar on Chromebook

Change Chrome OS library position.

It’s very easy to customize Chromebook library or taskbar with Chrome OS on the left (In case we don’t like it at the bottom). For this, we will have to right-click on the taskbar or on an empty part of the desktop. After this, we will select in the submenu “Library position”. In the submenu we can choose “Left”, “Down” or “Right” depending on what we want.

Position the task bar to the left.

To serve as an example, if we configure the library to appear on the left side, then it will look like the image that accompanies the article.

We can continue to use the shelf as we would if it were at the bottom, the same happens if we decide to position the library on the right side. If at some point we change our mind and want it to be as usual again, we will simply have to repeat the aforementioned steps.

How to automatically hide the library in Chrome OS

Hide the Chrome OS taskbar.

Another thing we can do is free up some screen space by hiding the Chrome OS library. It is very easy to achieve, we must right click on the library and choose “Automatically hide library”.

Customize Chromebook library or taskbar.

In this way the library disappears momentarily. To make it appear again, all we have to do is move the mouse cursor to the edge of the screen where the library would usually be and we wait a few seconds, we can even click. When we do we can see the library again and if we zoom out, it will disappear.

It is a great way to save space on the screen so that we can focus on what really interests us. It even comes in handy for those who write, design or program, to have a greater amount of space on their screens.

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