Nothing more beautiful than being able to personalize our device to the maximum so that in this way we end up being as comfortable as possible. Today we are going to see How to Customize Safari Home Page on iPhone and iPad in a way too quick and easy.

Customize Safari Home Page on iPhone and iPad

New tab.

The first thing we will have to do is open Safari on iPhone or on our iPad; then we will open a new tab by pressing the icon in the form of two overlapping rectangles and then we will press on the plus “+” icon.

Edit to customize Safari home page.

Next, we are going to see the home page of Safari, the one that comes by default. To be able to edit what is on that page; we will have to scroll down if necessary and click on the button that says “Edit”.

Customization options.

Once we click on the “Edit” button, a “Customize home page” window will appear. Now we will have to use the switches found in the options that appear on the screen, in this way we can activate these options or deactivate them. Let’s see in detail what each option does.

  • Favorites: we can see a list of our favorite websites (as bookmarks).
  • Frequent visits: here we can see all the websites that we have visited frequently.
  • Shared with you: this gives us the possibility to have a list of items that other people shared with us through the messages application.
  • Privacy report: shows us a report on the number of trackers that Safari has blocked lately.
  • Siri suggestions: we can see several Siri suggestions which are related to history and bookmarks.
  • Reading list: here we will see a list of the elements that are in the reading list.
  • ICloud tabs: these are the tabs found in Safari which are synced to iCloud from other devices.
Rearrange the options.

While we are in the “Home page customization” screen; we can use the “three line” controller that is on the right side of each option. If we hold down the button and drag, we can change the order in which the elements will appear on the home page.

Set background image.

In addition, if we activate the “Background image” switch, we can select a background image that will be displayed behind the content on the home page. We can choose one of the images that we can see as thumbnails; We can also click on the “+” icon (the first one) and we can choose from our photo gallery.

In case we want the home page to be as minimalist as possible, then we can disable all the items in the “Customize home page” drop-down list. Although we will continue to see the “Edit” button.

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