• The Warden is one of the main protagonists of Minecraft 1.19, an annoying boss or obstacle
  • Powerful like almost no other mob, there are not a few who want to defeat it and boast
  • Is it really worth wasting time, resources and health to get rid of the creature?

We have been talking a lot lately about the most recent Minecraft update, and the truth is that little by little other objects and challenges are appearing that must be known and analyzed because they make the experience of the title. Particularly in this case, we know that finding and defeating the Warden in Minecraft 1.19 is one of the objectives of this game, so we show you how to do it and what elements you should use for such purposes.

Indeed, the first thing to note is that Warden is the latest boss added to Deep Dark as part of the Minecraft 1.19 update. He is the strongest mob in the game to date., with punches that deal 30 damage and a shield-piercing ranged attack. Therefore, it is very important to carry the right equipment to combat it. That said, let’s look at some recommendations in order to prepare for the battle.

Meeting the Warden of Minecraft 1.19

What’s interesting is that while everyone expected the Warden to be a real challenge, even for experts, it probably nobody thought that it would cost so much to get rid of this enemy and advance in the games.

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To get started, the creature has 84 health points, that is, about 42 hearts compared to the measly 10 hearts of the players. Not only will it be a very difficult creature to kill, but it is the second most tanky mob in the entire game. Only the ravagers have more points than him, 100, and that forces us to be precise.

The big problem with facing him is that while the ravagers can deal a maximum of 18 damage per hit, the Warden will be able to deal up to 31 damage with a single hit, so it would kill us immediately if we have no armor, and in two attacks if we have netherite armor.

How can we defeat the Warden in Minecraft?

With the features that we have mentioned before, the question then becomes how we can get rid of it. Interestingly, the most popular answer is that we can’t get rid of it, or that it’s not worth.

In general, most of the players who have been able to face this creature advise not to engage in a fight but to run away and hide until it loses sight of us, because even though it is a blind creature it feels the vibrations. In order for it to go away and leave us alone, we must move crouching and very slowly, or use classic projectiles, such as snowballs, to send it to another position and be able to leave the place shortly.

Is it possible to kill the Warden? How to do it?

Although the suggestion is to try to survive before anything else, some bold people want to measure strength with the Warden. We could say that it is possible to kill it, but in practice there is so much that is risked that is not worth it. Especially since the rewards are not up to the effort that the task represents. Eventually, makes sense if you do it out of pridebut not rationally.

  • Instant Healing Potion: Potion of Instant Healing is one of the most useful potions in Minecraft, keeping players safe in battles and exploring the world. Using Instant Healing Potion at the right time can save a player’s life from latent danger.
  • immortality totem: If there is a slow reaction and fear of being instantly killed by the Guardian, it is a good idea to hold the Totem of Eternity in your hand. This way you can avoid an immediate death.
  • Netherite Armor with Protection IV: Items made from netherite are stronger and more durable than diamonds. Each piece of diamond armor provides 2 durability points for a total of 8. Make sure you have full netherite armor for a second chance.
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Is it worth crossing his path?

What do we get if we get rid of it? Nothing but three experience orbs, no unique drops, and no achievements. Too little considering the strength he exhibits. Perhaps that is why Mojang has clarified, at the insistence of the players, that we should see it more as an obstacle than as a boss.

Have you been able to defeat the Warden in Minecraft 1.19? Any secret you want to share?

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