If you are no longer interested in continuing to use Discordthen you might want delete account; this is ideal to prevent personal information from accumulating on the internet. Remember that privacy and security is something very important to which, on many occasions, we do not pay too much attention. So when we stop using a service and we are aware that it will be permanently, it is best to delete the account.

Delete an account from the web or desktop

User configuration.

The steps we must follow to delete an account Discord from the web or using the desktop app are the same. To start we will start Discord, in the lower left corner we will click next to our username in “User Settings” (the gear-shaped icon).

My account.

Once we are in Settings, from the left sidebar, we are going to select “My account”.

Delete account.

In this section we will have to scroll to the bottom and we will have to click on “Delete account”.

Discord servers.

If we have a Discord server we will be prompted to delete it or transfer it to another user. We will have to do one of these two things to be able to eliminate it.

Delete Discord account.

Next, we will see the message “Delete account”. We will have to click on the “Password” field and type the current Discord password. If we have two-factor authentication enabled, we will also have to enter the code. When we finish, we just have to click on the “Delete account” button.

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How to delete a Discord account on a mobile device


The first thing we will do is open the Discord application and click on the icon of our profile that is in the lower right.

My account.

Once we are on the “User settings” page, we will click on “My account”.

Delete Discord account.

Here we will have to scroll to “My account” at the bottom and press “Delete account”.

How to delete Discord account from mobile.

We will see the message “Delete account”. Click on the “Password” field and write the current password (if we have two-step authentication activated, we will also have to do it) once we finish, click on “Delete”.

In this simple way, we have already managed to delete our Discord account. As you can see whether from a mobile device, the desktop application or from the website, it is a very fast and simple process.

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