When we use a mobile messaging application too much, it is normal for messages to accumulate. Because of this, every so often it would be ideal delete all telegram messages; managing to have everything more organized and giving priority to those chats that are really important.

Delete all Telegram messages

Before the latest updates, users could delete messages if they were less than 48 hours old. Fortunately, the situation has changed and it is possible to delete all Telegram messages.

Select messages.

The first thing will be to select a Telegram message that we had sent.

Paper bin.

Once selected, we will have to click on the recycle bin icon located in the upper right corner of the screen.

Delete Telegram messages.

We also have the option to delete the message for the contact we sent it to. We will simply select “Also delete for (Contact)” before choosing Delete.

Depending on the option we choose, the chat history will also disappear from other users’ devices.

Delete conversations.

In case we want to delete a complete conversation, we will have to slide the thread or conversation from the list of messages and click on the red Delete option on iPhone. In the case of Android, we will have to press and hold the conversation so that the option to delete appears.

In the case of group chats

In group chats the situation changes completely. The reason? Only group admins have the ability to delete messages and history. So when we send a message to a group, the ideal would be to be sure that we want to do it, we will not be able to delete it in the future; unless we are the administrator.

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The secret chats of Telegram

secret chat.

Secret chats work in a completely different way than normal chats. In the case of normal chats, a copy is saved on the Telegram server so that we can synchronize it between devices and always have it available. Secret chat is peer-to-peer, they are encrypted, so they stay on your device and the other person’s.

Another thing we have to keep in mind is that these chats self-destruct. It is possible to configure how long they will be deleted, we can even specify that, once read, they will be deleted in both parts.

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