On our devices we live downloading apps of all kinds and we cannot deny that many of these are considerably useful. Although from time to time, it does not hurt to clean and delete apps on ipadespecially those that we do not use.

Delete apps on iPad

From the home screen menu

The fastest and most efficient method to delete applications on iPad is just from the home screen, it is quite simple and we will see it below:

  • Let’s go to the home screen.
  • We look for the application that we want to delete and we will keep it pressed for a few seconds.
  • We will see that the quick actions menu appears, we will select the Delete application option.
  • A pop-up message will appear asking us to confirm the deletion of the data by clicking Delete.
  • Once we confirm it, the app will be permanently removed. Although if we want to download it again from the App Store later, we can do it.

From settings

Delete iPad app.

It is also feasible to delete the applications from the configuration of our device.

  • For this we go to Settings, click on General.
  • Next, we will have to go to iPad Storage.
  • Here we are going to see a kind of overview of all the storage of the device.
  • We can even find recommendations and a list of apps ordered depending on the space they are using.
  • We will search this list for the app that we want to delete and click on it.
  • We will see a new screen that will allow us to see the details of the application and right next to it the Delete application button.
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Delete apps on the editing home screen

It is similar to the first method, which is very good to delete one or two applications, although not so good when we have to delete many more. Therefore, if we want to save time, we can delete them from the Edit Home Screen mode.

In order to access this mode we will have to press and hold an application to see the action menu and choose Edit home screen. We can also leave pressed on an empty area of ​​the screen.

We will see that all the applications shake and will have an X in the upper left corner. We will press the X to be able to eliminate it, we will have to confirm it in a pop-up window.

In order to delete all the applications, we are going to have to continue with these steps, pressing the X on each of the apps that we want to delete from our device.

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