• Over the weeks and months, we are creating a message history in Telegram, which will allow if someone hacks our account, they will be able to see all those communications with third parties
  • It may be convenient, from time to time, to delete the messages and the history in Telegram to rest assured that no one else will have access to everything we have talked about in the past

Telegram is undoubtedly one of the most popular communication platforms that we have on iOS and Android. Over time, and just like in any other service, we develop a whole history of actions in it. Thinking about it, and maybe you want to start over with this messaging application very similar to WhatsApp, in the following lines we will show you how to delete messages and even the history in Telegram.

And it is that as far as storing messages is concerned, we could say that Telegram is also similar to WhatsApp. Although its developers claim that it is a more secure solution, both collect our messages. At least by default, those messages stay there, as does the history. Unless we remove them.

What is interesting, in any case, is that deleting Telegram messages is a fairly simple action. Anyone with basic knowledge, or simply following the steps that we are going to teach, can achieve it.

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Delete Telegram messages and history

The procedure of deleting messages and history in Telegram is not complicated at all and, as you probably know, you can delete either individual messages, a group of them, or an entire chat, depending on what you do.

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In any case, the start of this step by step is always repeated, starting by opening Telegram on your computer, finally clicking on the chat you want to delete, or where the messages you want to delete are located.

Delete a single message

  • Right click on the message to delete
  • A menu with several options will open
  • Select the Delete
  • It will ask you if you want to Delete for yourself or Delete for everyone, so choose the option you want

delete multiple messages

  • Right click on one of the messages to delete
  • Click below on all the messages you want to delete
  • A menu with several options will open
  • Select the Delete

Delete all messages

The most effective way to delete all the messages you currently have on Telegram is to close your account. Thinking about it, you should go to Settings, Privacy and security, Delete my account for a month and Save.

at the end of that monthwhen you reopen your account, all messages will be completely gone.

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Other frequently asked questions

Is Telegram a dangerous app?

Most of its users will agree that Telegram is an application that can be fully trusted. Signal may still be the best possible alternative when it comes to privacy, but it’s not as insecure as WhatsApp. This is exactly why we recommend deleting your message history frequently.

Is Telegram a Chinese app?

Telegram is not Chinese, if that worries you. It is Russian, was born in 2013 and was developed by local entrepreneurs Pavel and Nikolai Durov. Since then, it is one of the most used Eurasian applications.

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Can Telegram be hacked?

Since Telegram has support for multiple devices, which means that we can access our account from several of them, it is advisable to be careful with the computers where you log in, and you should close it whenever you are going to leave them. Otherwise, Telegram as such will not be hacked but your profile will be.

How are Telegram and WhatsApp different in terms of storage?

As we have explained above, Telegram automatically stores all your messages in the cloud by default. As soon as you press the enter key to send, the messages and media files are loaded there.

If we go to WhatsApp, we can decide if we want the content to be stored in the cloud through Google or Apple themselves. From there, the backups will be counted and specific, not constant.

Was it always possible to delete Telegram messages?

Although it is a fact that we have always been able to delete Telegram messages, it is also true that it was not until version 5.5 of this messaging application that we had the possibility of deleting chat messages without limits. Today we can delete the messages from any device, and they will disappear from the servers.

Of course, remember that in group chats you can only delete messages from the servers for 48 hours. After that time you can remove them from your chat, but others will continue to see them without modifications.

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