Every once in a while it doesn’t hurt remove or clear the cache of Microsoft Edge, this will allow us to solve various problems that may occur while browsing the internet. Additionally, we can choose what to delete or delete each time we close the browser, thus saving us the trouble of doing it manually.

Clear Microsoft Edge cache


The first thing we will have to do, obviously, is start Microsoft Edge. Once open, we will go to the upper right corner and we will click on the three ellipses. A new menu is displayed and the option we are looking for is Configuration.

Privacy, search and services.

In Settings, we are going to have to go to the left sidebar and select Privacy, search and services.

Clear browser data.

Once we are in this section, in the right panel we will choose Clear browsing data, we will click on Choose what to delete.

Choose what data to delete.

We will see a small window called Clear browsing data. Here we can see the elements that we can choose from it. The first thing will be to click on the Time interval drop-down menu and we will have to choose the period of time for which we want to clear the cache. After this, we are going to enable the Cached images and files option. Obviously, we can mark all the options that we think are convenient.

To finish, we will have to click on the bottom of the box, right where it says Delete now.

Delete all data when closing Edge automatically.

Now Edge will take care of deleting all the selected elements. We can also automatically delete the cache every time we close our browser. For this, from the Privacy, search and services section we will have to choose, delete every time the browser is closed.

Delete all cache data.

In this section, we are going to have to choose all the elements that we want Edge to delete when we close the browser.

Clear cache from mobile devices


We start by opening the Edge application on the mobile. After this, in the lower bar we will have to press the three points and choose Settings.

Privacy & Security.

In this section we address Privacy and security.

Clear browsing data.

Next, we are going to choose Clear browsing data.

Clear cache data in Edge from a mobile.

Here we will click the Time interval drop-down menu and choose the period of time for which we want to clear the cache, check the option Cached images and files. We can also choose other elements to delete. Once we are done, click on Clear data.

This deleted the cache and all the elements that we have selected additionally.

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