It is not complicated at all remove a bill from Google, but obviously we must take into consideration several things before proceeding. We are going to go into detail a bit below about what happens when I delete an account and how I can delete a Gmail (Google) account forever.

What happens when I delete my account?

When we delete a Google account we lose access to all the content that we have stored in it. These include photos, files, calendars, contacts, and anything else associated with the account in question.

We will no longer be able to use the account to log into any device. Subscriptions that we purchase with that account will be lost. For users using Chromebook they will have to set up a new account.

After deleting a Google account, it cannot be recovered in any way; If we have not made a backup copy of our data, said data is permanently deleted.

How to delete or remove a Google account

The first thing we will have to do is go to the site of Google account. Here we will have to log in with the account that we want to delete.

Data and privacy.

Once we log in, we go to the left sidebar and select the “Data and privacy” option.

Delete Google account.

In the “Data and privacy” section, we will have to scroll down and choose “More options”. Now we will have to click on “Delete your Google account”.

Confirm Password.

Here it is very likely that Google will request that we enter the password again (for security reasons) so what we will do is type the password of our account again, as if we were logging in and then we click “Next”.

Everything that will be removed from the Google account.

We’re going to see a “Delete your Google account” page. On this page we are going to observe all the content that will be deleted when we delete our account. Ideally, at this point, you should review everything carefully, since there is a lot of data that is eliminated.

We have already managed to delete a Google account

Once we have reviewed the entire list, we scroll down and enable the two boxes above the “Delete account” button and finally we click the mentioned button.

Google will show us a new page where it tells us that our account, along with all our data, has been deleted. And basically, that’s all we have to do to delete a Google account.

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