There are not exactly few users who want to disable or deactivate the Might be interested section of Twitter. For that matter, we don’t follow certain people and profiles for a reason, so it’s not a nice thing to fill our feed with things that interest us either. Unfortunately, there is no easy option to remove the “You might be interested”.

But there is an alternative way to disable the “You might be interested” section on Twitter and that is exactly what we are going to see in this article with some very interesting tricks.

Disable the You might be interested section on Twitter with the silenced words trick

The first thing we will have to do is start Twitter, click on our profile picture and choose Settings and privacy. After this, we will go to Privacy and security and scroll down until we find the section of silenced words in Security.

Use silenced words trick.

In case we do it from a web browser on a computer, we will click on the three horizontal points that are just below the profile picture to find the Configuration option. Then we go to Silenced words in the Silence and block menu, click on the plus icon and we will add the words that we want to block.

How to disable "You might be interested in" from Twitter

Here we can add one word, username or phrase at a time. The interesting thing about this is that we can add a series of words or phrases that will help us get rid of Might be interested almost completely:

  • suggest_who_to_follow
  • suggest_recap
  • suggest_pyle_tweet
  • suggest_recycled_tweet
  • suggest_ranked_timeline_tweet
  • suggest_activity_tweet
  • share_tweet_to_pocket
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As we discussed earlier, silencing these words is not a foolproof trick to get rid of Might be interested in. In the event this occurs, we recommend muting all the users we see most frequently. Unfortunately, there is no other alternative.

Remove all push notifications

We cannot deny that in terms of push notifications on Twitter, they go hand in hand with all that we can receive from other social networks such as Facebook. Luckily, in this case there is an option to silence all notifications. We will also find some to remove notifications of things that do not interest us.


The first thing we will do is go to Settings and privacy, here we will choose Notifications.

Twitter Push Notifications.

Next, we select Push Notifications in Preferences.

Remove notices.

We press the switch next to Push Notifications to be able to disable them all.

Go to notification settings.

In the case of having an Apple device, we will have to press Go to iOS settings. From here we can disable everything.

Notifications by mail.

Now we’ll go back to Notifications Preferences and choose Email Notifications (they’re also very annoying).

Remove email notifications.

Again, we’ll toggle the switch at the top to disable all options.

Using the advanced filters trick

Twitter has a filter that keeps us away from a lot of content that is not of very good quality. This is activated by default when we install Twitter, although with very basic options. No need to worry, we can manipulate the advanced options to adapt them to our needs.

How to disable "You might be interested in" from Twitter

For this we are going to choose Advanced Filters in Notifications and press the icon to the right of each one to activate them. With this we will not leave aside the section that bothers us. But at least we can put aside those tweets and profiles of people we don’t like.

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