Just as Netflix remains the leading platform for on-demand content, Apple computers are highly valued for their fluidity and stability. However, being less popular than others, it is possible that its interaction with certain applications is not so simple so, if you want to take your favorite tapes everywhere, today we teach you several tricks about how to download Netflix movies on Mac and macOS.

As with practically any other device, Netflix is ​​still the first choice of most people who want to enjoy their favorite movies and series at home, although you have probably already realized that there is no native app for this service to MacOS, and that could be a serious problem.

We say this because, even if you can see what you want through the browser, you will probably find yourself with problems when it comes to downloading series and movies from Netflix, a function that most viewers love because, thanks to it, they can watch your favorite content later, even without an internet connection.

That said, you should not worry because there are still some really interesting, legal and safe tricks and solutions, with which you will be able to watch Netflix on your Mac without an internet connection. Let’s see some of them.

Is it possible to watch Netflix offline on Mac?

To this initial question, which is surely the one that many readers are asking, we can answer with a resounding yes, indicating that, in effect, there are outlets for those who want to watch Netflix offline on Mac.

As usual, you will access comedy, horror, suspense, series and Netflix documentaries from the comfort of your armchair or bed, without having to get up or resort to complicated procedures.

In other words, while you can’t download Netflix movies on Mac, you can do other things.

With QuickTime Player

QuickTime Player will give you the opportunity to watch Netflix contents on MacOS without an Internet connection and without the need to install annoying or complex plug-ins. Since Netflix has developed apps for other Apple products, such as the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, you can transfer the files to your Mac via QuickTime Player.

For those who do not know, this is the digital media playback tool that is included in MacOS, one capable of detecting and playing the main video formats, as well as capturing and recording content.

  • Download QuickTime Player from the Applications folder or the Launchpad
  • Click on File in the upper right corner and select “New Movie Recording”
  • Open the Control Panel and click on the arrow icon next to the red button that distinguishes the recordings
  • Tell QuickTime to transmit from your iPhone, selecting iPhone in the Microphone and camera section
  • Then start recording and start playing the Netflix series or movie on your iPhone
  • The series or movie should play on your Mac at the same time as on the phone with QuickTime
  • Once it’s finished, you can click the record button to end it.
  • You go to File, in the upper right part of the screen, and to Save

Since then, you can see the file again whenever you want, already stored on your Mac.

The bad news is that, with this tutorial, you will need more time and be present while you do it.

With a broadcast from iPhone or iPad

On the other hand, you can also stream movies from an iPad or iPhone to your Mac using AirPlay, that system of transmission of elements between devices created by Apple, which is one of its hallmarks.

Basically, with AirPlay you can stream any content you have on your iPhone or iPad to your TV or Mac, as long as all devices are connected to the same WiFi network, something that shouldn’t be an impediment.

And since Netflix has determined that its app for iOS is compatible with AirPlay, there is the option to take advantage of it.

  • Launch AiPlay on your iPhone or iPad
  • Go to the Screen mirroring section
  • Select your Mac within the AirPlay menu
  • Launch Netflix on your phone or tablet, and play the content
  • Automatically, the same content should be viewed simultaneously on your Mac

To tell the truth, with this method you are not downloading the content on your Mac, but since you can download it on your iPhone and stream it, we believe that it is an interesting alternative that you should not rule out.

With Boot Camp and Windows

Finally, we can eventually download Netflix movies on Mac thanks to Boot Camp and Windows.

At the time, we already taught you how to install Windows 10 on your Mac with the Boot Camp assistant, so you can follow that tutorial to save yourself part of the steps that we are going to see below.

If you do not know it, you should know that Boot Camp is a software developed by Apple that allows you to use, at the same time, both MacOS and Microsoft Windows on your Mac, running everything on two screens at once.

Before starting, download the Netflix application on your Mac -now Windows-, and then if you must follow the tutorial.

  • Open the Netflix app and log in with your account
  • Search for the series or movie you want to download
  • Complete the download of the tape or episode
  • On the Netflix screen, at the bottom, under Downloads, you can see all available downloads
  • Run the downloaded content you want to view it without an Internet connection

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