Any YouTube video can be downloaded for free. Here’s how to do it on different devices.

1. How To Download YouTube Videos Without Programs?

Let’s start with the easiest way to help you download a video from YouTube through a link, without unnecessary applications and add-ons in the browser.

The method will be useful if you want to save the video to your computer. This method does not work on smartphones and tablets – neither on Android nor on iOS.

Open the selected video in a browser.

In the address bar, add the letters “ss” before the word “YouTube”, as shown in the picture.

image 16

Press Enter to navigate to the new address. The site will open, where you can select the required resolution for downloading the video. The platform will also offer to install their browser app – but this is not required.

image 17
  • Click on the “Download” button. The download will either start automatically, or a page with the video will open, from where it can be downloaded in the old fashioned way: by right-clicking and selecting “Save video as.”
image 18

This method is good because it allows you to download YouTube videos to your laptop or desktop computer without ads and watermarks.

2. Downloading Videos From YouTube Through The Program In The Browser

Another way that will allow you to download videos from YouTube to your computer is a browser extension.

Go to your browser add-ons / extensions menu. In our example, this is Mozilla Firefox.

Type YouTube Download in the search bar for new add-ons.

The browser will display a large list of available applications: choose the one with the most downloads and positive reviews.

image 19
  • We chose the Easy YouTube Video Downloader Express add-on for the test, although they all work similarly. After installing the application, a “Download” button will appear under each video on YouTube.
  • Everything is simple: press it, select the required video resolution, and download it (no ads or SMS).  

3. How To Download YouTube Videos To Your Smartphone?

We made a separate material in which we recommended several applications for downloading videos from YouTube.

However, in addition to these programs, you can use a Telegram bot to download videos. For example @videofrom_bot .

It is enough to drop a link to the video into the chat with the bot – and it will display possible options for downloading. After choosing the resolution, the video will open in a new window. You can save it to your Android smartphone by tapping the screen and choosing “Download Video”.

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4. How To Download Videos From YouTube To Your IPad Or IPhone?

Is it possible to download YouTube videos to iPhone completely free? In theory, it is possible, but according to Apple’s rules, any downloading of content from the outside is prohibited. And in the AppStore, you will not find an application that would allow you to save YouTube videos to your iPhone or iPad.

However, this feature is built into the YouTube app itself. True, video saving only works with a Premium subscription, which costs $11.99 per month. By the way, this option is also available in the paid version of the Android app.

If you don’t want to buy a subscription, you can use one of the first two methods described above: download the video to your computer and then transfer it to your iPad or iPhone as an mp4 file. It will be completely free, although it will take longer.

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