We all take a photo or two at some point, perhaps at an event, with friends, accompanied by family, etc. Imagine for a moment that we take a photo with our whole family, everything seems perfect, except the sky.How can we edit the sky in a photo? It turns out that it is much simpler than you imagine.

How to edit the sky in a photo in Photoshop

For this tutorial we are going to use one of the best photo editing tools: Photoshop. Thanks to this interesting program, we are going to be able to make really incredible edits in many aspects.


We start by starting the program and opening the image of the sky that we want to edit. Once open, we will have to go to the upper left part of the program and click on “Edit”.

Replacing the sky.

Here we will select “Sky Replacement”. A dialog box should open containing various presets.

We choose the filter to edit the sky of the photo

We will scroll through the list of presets and we can choose the one we want.

In this way, we can modify or edit the sky of a photo, they would become a kind of Instagram filters; although we can also adjust the colors using the sliders below the photo to give it a better appearance.

In case we need clear sky images and in the best possible definition; we can turn to website Adobe Discover where we can find a large number of proposals.

Using Lightroom

Brush to edit the sky of the photo

We are going to start by opening the program and importing the photo that we want to edit. Next, we will have to choose the Brush tool found in the upper right corner of the sidebar. This tool will help us draw the sky map of the photo for easy editing.

Auto mask.

It is important that we check the box next to “Automatic mask” which we will find at the bottom of the brush panel. This will limit the brush to the sky and we managed to prevent it from being mapped, modifying the color of objects, etc.


Next, we move the “Temp” slider to the left or right to be able to adjust the blue tint that we would like to apply to the photo. If we move it to the left, the level of the blue color increases.

We proceed to edit the sky of the photo

We will have to use the brush to introduce the blue tint, but it is essential to make sure that the center of the brush does not touch any object under the sky.

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In this way we will be able to edit the sky of a photograph, in this case with Lightroom in a simple and fast way. Although we must recognize that, unlike Photoshop, in this case it requires a little more patience.

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