It’s not a 100% new feature, it’s actually an improved version of Focus Assist coming to Windows 11 22H2. The feature is designed to increase our productivity, when activated, it prevents notifications from appearing. Fortunately, enable or disable Do Not Disturb in Windows 11 It is something too simple and it comes in handy when we want to focus on work.

Enable, disable, or schedule Do Not Disturb in Windows 11

How to enable Do Not Disturb mode in Windows 11

In case we do not want to be disturbed while we are working with notifications on the screen, we will have to enable the Do not disturb mode. For this we will have to follow these steps:

Disable notifications.
  • Press Windows + i to open Settings.
  • We go on to select the System option and click on Notifications.
  • Here we will have to deactivate the option.

In this simple way, we will no longer have to deal with the notifications that appear in Windows. Although these accumulate in the Notification Center, something positive because we can consult them later.

Schedule focus assist mode in Windows 11

So that, depending on our schedule, the do not disturb mode is activated and deactivated, we will have to follow these steps:

Set concentration assistant.
  • Let’s go to Settings.
  • Now we go to the System option and then we will click on Notifications.
  • We turn to Concentration Wizard.
  • We will check the box next to During these times and configure the options of Activate and Deactivate.
  • Now we are going to modify the Repeat option.
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After setting these options, Do Not Disturb will turn on and off depending on the schedule you set. We can configure several additional options apart from the scheduled time, such as not receiving notifications when we are mirroring the screen, while we are enjoying online games, etc.

Turn off do not disturb

In the event that we want to deactivate, do not disturb, in reality we will have to follow the same steps that we clarified before, only that the switch has to be deactivated. It is something extremely simple and we can activate or deactivate this option as many times as we want.

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