Firefox has PDF editing tools that can be enabled to edit virtually any PDF file.. Thanks to Firefox PDF Reader we will be able to enjoy a two-page view mode, horizontal scrolling, view properties, presentation mode and much more.

Enable PDF editing tools in Firefox PDF Reader

Edit PDF editing tools.
  • The first thing we will do, obviously, is open Firefox.
  • Next, we are going to have to type “about:config” in the address bar and press Enter.
  • A warning message will appear, we will simply click OK. This will open Advanced Preferences.
  • We will search for “pdfjs.annotationEditorMode” and double-click the Edit this preference icon.
  • We will enter the value 0 in the field and give Enter.
  • Now we are going to search for “pdfjs.annotationmode” and we will put its value in 2. For this we are going to double click it, add 2 and press Enter. If the value of this preference is left at 0, the tool will be available, but we will not be able to use it.

After this we will have to restart the browser for the changes to be saved. Once we launch it again, the PDF editing tools will be enabled in the Firefox PDF viewer.

How to use them

In order to use the PDF editing tools in the viewer, we are going to have to follow these steps.

  • We open a PDF in Firefox.
  • In the upper right corner, we will see two new tools available. One of these is Add Free Text Annotation and the other is Add Ink Annotation.
  • We will click on the text annotation tool and then we will have to select the color of the font, we can also change the size of the font (for this we will move a slider).
  • We can also click on any area of ​​the PDF page and write a custom text, we can even see it anywhere by dragging it.
  • Similarly, when we click on the ink annotation tool, we can choose a color, line thickness and start drawing on the PDF pages.

This tool does not come with an eraser. However, we can use the hotkeys (Ctrl + Z) to be able to undo and redo.

In case we want to disable the use of annotation tools, we can go to the Disable annotation editing icon available only for the text annotation tool. After this, we can download the edited PDF to our PC again.

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