Windows 10 allows us enable a dark mode in the operating system that affects the applications that we download from the Windows store. However, the problem with this mode is that it does not affect desktop applications that we download from the Internet, nor does it affect websites. Although we have a solution for this.

Enable or turn on dark mode in Windows 10

In order to enable dark mode in Windows 10 we will have to go to Settings> Personalization> Colors. Here we will have to choose the “Dark” option in the drop-down menu found in the “Choose your color” section.

Dark Mode in Windows 10 and 11.

The Settings app will turn dark immediately, just like all other “Universal Windows Platform” apps will; basically all apps from the Windows Store.

However, we must consider that each developer may or may not support dark mode and many do not. This option will not affect most desktop applications.

Activate Dark Mode in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft’s browser comes preconfigured with a white mode, although it can also be changed to a dark mode; it is possible to configure it to respect the general configuration of the system, although we can also force it.

Activate Dark Mode for Edge.

The first thing we will do is open the browser and click on the menu located in the toolbar (it is an icon with three points in the upper right part). After this we are going to choose “Settings” and we are going to go to “Appearance” in the left sidebar. Next, we can change the colors in “System Default” or “Dark”. In this way we have managed to change the interface theme to the dark theme.

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Enable it in Microsoft Office

Enable dark mode in Office for Windows.

We can also enable this mode in the Microsoft office suite (Excel, Word, Outlook,…). For this we are going to open some of the applications and then we will have to go to the top left File > Options in the bottom left. Here we are going to have to search for “Personalize your copy of Microsoft Office” and set the “Black” option in the “Office Theme” drop-down menu.

Dark mode across the web

One of the big problems with dark mode is that many websites do not respect it and do not adapt to it. This can be extremely annoying; Imagine that we have all dark Windows and we change to a white website, with a lot of brightness, this is not pleasant at all.

In addition to installing some dark theme in Chrome, another thing we can do is use DarkReader an extension available for Chrome and Firefox that will allow us to darken the entire web.

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