A mouse is essential in almost any kind of computer today. That is why it is necessary enable the gets better from precision of the mouse on Windows 10. In this way we ensure that we can use the mouse accurately and comfortably.

Improve mouse pointer precision in Windows 10

Actually, using a mouse is not exactly complicated. When we connect a new mouse to the computer, the only thing that can become complex is getting used to the speed. Mice have different types of sensitivity and precision, the one that is not comfortable with one, will not necessarily be with another.

The precision and speed of the mouse pointer is essential to be able to perform effectively and above all, comfortably. If not, we can end up clicking in places where we should not and spend quite an uncomfortable time, it is not necessary to get used to that precision and speed, we can modify it to leave it as we really are comfortable.

Enable mouse precision enhancement in Windows 10

If we click frequently on an icon or object on the screen that is not the one we had in mind, then we will have to consider “Improve mouse pointer precision”. It is a function that to a certain extent “Guess” what we are trying to do. When we do something and there are few pixels of difference, it solves it. It works so much better than we can imagine.

Improve Windows mouse precision.

At no time do we see the mouse pointer jump from one side to the other, that is part of the magic.

  • The first thing we will do is go to “Settings” for this we are going to use the Windows keyboard shortcut + i.
  • Next, we will have to go to Devices> Mouse.
  • Now we will click on “Additional mouse options”.
  • In this new window, we go to the “Pointer Options” tab.
  • Here we will have to enable the option “Improve pointer precision” just below the Select a pointer speed bar.
  • After this we click on “Apply” and then on “OK”.
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In which cases does the precision of the mouse affect us?

In general terms, it will help us in every way. But we will notice this much more when we play some of the best browser FPS (First person game) or when we have set the size of the mouse pointer larger than normal.

In any case, if we are not convinced, we can disable the enhanced mouse precision in the same way that we activate it. Even something highly recommended is to adjust the speed of the mouse pointer, from the same place where we enable precision.

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