Today we’ll see how to enable or disable title bar movement (Aero Shake) in Windows 11 and 10. This is a feature that gives us the ability to maximize or minimize all open windows by shaking the window.

We just need to grab the window by the title bar at the top and shake it. In this way, all open windows will be maximized or minimized. This is a very useful function if we have too many windows open, let’s imagine for a second having to be maximizing or minimizing each one of the windows at the same time. A nightmare!

Thanks to the movement of the title bar window, we can save a lot of time. In the same way that we can achieve it with the different tips and tricks to make the most of the OS that we have talked about repeatedly.

Although it is also understandable that some people do not want to have the function activated. So let’s see how we can disable and enable this whenever we want.

Enable or disable title bar movement in Windows 10 and 11

Microsoft is always adding new features and functions to the operating system. With so many people using the system for work or study, it is evidently necessary to perform multiple tasks that often require too many windows and that is precisely why the function exists.

Luckily we can choose to keep it or deactivate it and that is what we will see a little further down.

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From Windows settings

The easiest method to enable or disable the movement of the title bar in windows is through the Windows settings. Press Windows + i to access Settings.

Configuration and system.

Next, we are going to have to go to System which is located on the left sidebar. After this, we go to Multitasking in the panel on the right.

Disable or enable the feature.

Here we will see that the multitasking window will appear with the option of the moving title bar. If we move the switch we can activate or deactivate it. We can do this as many times as we want without any problem.

Basically, that would be all we need to do to be able to use or disable the feature. It is quite useful in many cases, although it is understandable that, for different reasons, some people prefer to keep it disabled.

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