If we want to have an immersive audio experience on our computer, the best thing is enable the spatial sound and in this way improve the audio of Windows 11. A little further down we are going to show you step by step how we can achieve it.

How to enable spatial sound in Windows 11

We know spatial audio as 3D audio in Windows 11. We will see next, how we can enable it to improve the sound of the operating system.


The first thing we will do is go to Settings, for this we are going to press Windows + i. In the new window that opens, we will have to go to System> Sound.


Now, in “Output”, we will have to click where it says “Choose where to play the sound”. Next, we will see a drop-down menu with a list of all the audio output devices that are connected to the computer. We will select the one for which we want to enable the spatial sound experience. Then we press the arrow pointing to the right (>) that is on the right side of the device.

So we can enable spatial sound

In this section we are going to have to scroll down and click on the “Type” drop-down menu in the “Spatial sound” section. Lastly, we are going to choose “Windows Sonic for Headphones” as the option for spatial sound.

By default, Windows Sonic for Headphones is the only spatial audio option available by default in Windows. In order to have other options, the only alternative is to download or buy third-party applications.

How to activate it from the Control Panel

Control Panel

We can also do this from the old Control Panel. We will press the “Windows” key and type “Control Panel”, then we open it.


In the control panel, we are going to choose the “Icons” view at the top right. Then we will select “Sound”.


A new window appears, we will have to choose the “Play” tab. We select the device we are using and we right-click it, in the pop-up menu we will choose “Properties”.

enable spatial sound

In the new window, we go to the “Spatial sound” tab. Then in the drop-down menu under “Spatial sound format”, we are going to choose “Windows Sonic for headphones”. If we have purchased another app that fulfills the function, it will appear in this list. To finish, we click on “Accept” and that’s it.

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