Whenever we are going to install WhatsApp on a new device, we would have to make sure we have a way to “take care” of our data. In order to do so, we have the possibility of enable the authentication from two factors on WhatsApp for Android.

Thanks to this two-factor authentication of WhatsApp, every time we want to install the app on a new device or reinstall it on it, it will ask us for a six-digit PIN that is unique and that only we should know.

In this way, we can make sure, in no way will our account be accessed. It is a very interesting method to protect the privacy of our data and conversations. The best of all is that it is very easy to do and we are going to see a little below all the steps that we must follow to have two-factor authentication activated on Android.

Activate or enable two-factor authentication in WhatsApp

WhatsApp options.

The first thing we have to do is, obviously, open WhatsApp on our device. Once it is open, we will have to go to the three points that are in the upper right corner. Now we are going to choose “Settings” from all these options.

WhatsApp settings.

When we are in “Settings”, we will have to press “Account” and then select “Two-step verification”. Here we will have to enable the option to configure a PIN.

In this way we can activate the WhatsApp two-factor authentication

We are going to enter a six-digit PIN. Also, we will have to add an email address. This is important, since if we forget the PIN, this address will help us regain access. Once we have everything completed, we simply click on “Done”.

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Now, every time we configure WhatsApp for the first time on a mobile device, we will have to enter PINeven if we have to reinstall it. Make sure the PIN is relatively easy to remember, it is also very easy to reset it in case we forget it, so it will be very important to provide an email account.

In case we forget the PIN and have no way to reestablish it, then we are going to end up with the blocked account and nobody wants that.

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