it’s possible enable Windows 11 hidden administrator account, this is disabled by default. Administrator privileges are required to activate it.

Why do we want to enable the administrator account if we already have admin privileges? One of the big differences between the accounts of a user that is in the Administrators group and the Administrator account is that the latter does not receive UAC notices. Plus, it’s great as a backup account in case something went wrong and you were locked out of the system.

Enable hidden or default Windows 11 administrator account

Open Command Prompt.

The first thing we will have to do is start a command prompt window as administrator. So we will press the “start” menu we will write “CMD” and in the right panel we will click on “Execute as an administrator”.

Net User in CMD.

Next, we are going to write the command “net user” without the quotes; in this way we will see all the accounts available in the system. The list will not reveal whether they are active or disabled.

Account status.

Now we are going to execute the command “net user Administrator” again, without the quotes; in this way we will see information about the administrator account. In the status of “Active account” we can see if it is activated, it should appear “Yes” or “No”.

How to enable hidden administrator account

So in order to activate it we will have to write the command “net user Administrator / active: yes” without the quotes; in this way we enable the administrator account. We will have to verify that the command was executed properly by writing the command that we gave you in the previous step.

Next, we move on to change the password, because said account by default is not protected by one. So anyone could log into it without problems.

Set administrator password.

For this we execute the command “net user Administrator *” and press Enter. We write the password we want and repeat this after pressing Enter again. If the passwords match, then we will have a new password set.

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Activate administrator account in users and groups

Administrators can use the local user and group administrative interface to manage this account.

Groups and users.

We press “start” and then we are going to write lusrmgr.msc and we hit “Enter”.

How to enable hidden administrator account Windows 11.

Here we will have to expand the “Users” folder from the left sidebar, in order to see all Windows users.

The account is disabled.

Next, we right-click the administrator account in the central column and select “Properties” from the menu. In order to enable the account, we will have to remove the check mark from “The account is disabled”; then we choose “Apply” and finally “OK”.

We right click on “Administrator” and choose “Set password”. We will have to enter it twice to continue and that’s it.

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