It is very important when working with a website to make sure that the home page is as clutter-free as possible. This is especially true for blogs. You want your homepage to display posts that represent your site well. Perhaps you can even customize the front page to increase views for posts in a specific category. In addition, there are times when you want your home page entries to be filtered. This is where WordPress Exclude Category plugins should be used .

By default, WordPress blogs show the most recently published post right on the site’s home page. This means that all blog posts you publish will automatically appear on the homepage regardless of your choice. A smart way to keep your home page cleaner is to simply hide some posts based on their categories. If you do not want to “poke around” in the page code, this can be easily done using special plugins.

So let’s take a look at some of these plugins and how to use them on your site. I picked 3 from the huge list of plugins available on

Best WordPress plugins Exclude Category

WP Hide Post

1) WP Hide Post

Wp Hide Post is a plugin created with the simple purpose of hiding posts of various categories from the home page. Just download, install and activate the plugin and use its simple options to exclude category posts from the main page. Choose whether you want to exclude posts on the homepage, category page, tags page, feeds, search results, and more. Additionally, WP Hide post is the ability to completely hide categories from the blog itself.


  • Easy to set up and turn on.
  • A minimal and simplified menu of options.
  • Posts can be hidden separately from the main page or the entire blog.

You can download the plugin at

Specify Home Hidden Categories

2) Specify Home Hidden Categories

This simple yet extremely useful plugin is newbie friendly and compatible with all kinds of themes and plugins. Provide easy-to-use Home Hidden Categories options and make sure your hidden category settings don’t interfere with the rest of your site and you can manage your home page and posts as you please.


  • Extremely easy to use.
  • Hides posts from both the homepage and RSS feeds.
  • Compatible with all plugins using have_posts () and get_posts () calls.

You can download the plugin at

Ultimate Category Excluder

3) Ultimate Category Excluder

This plugin allows you to quickly select which categories to exclude from your home page. Alternatively, you can also exclude this category from search results, feeds and archives. Individually choose which categories to exclude from the list using the plugin’s simple yet intuitive options. Ultimate Category Excluder is compatible with the rest of your theme and plugin settings.


  • Ease of use.
  • Allows you to exclude records from search, archives and channels.
  • Completely free and freely available.

You can download it from the link

How to use WordPress plugins Exclude Category

For this demo we will use the Ultimate Category excluder as it is extremely easy to set up. A simple settings screen makes it easy to choose which categories to exclude, and in addition, you can exclude entries from your homepage, archives, search bar and feeds.

To get started, install the Ultimate Category Excluder plugin on your WordPress site.

Open your WordPress Admin Panel. Then hover over the settings and click on Category Excluder .

This should open the “Options” page. On this page, you can selectively exclude a category from the homepage, feeds, archives and search results. To exclude a category from the front page, simply click on the checkbox under the corresponding Front Page column.

You can do the same with multiple columns to exclude a category from feeds or search results and archives.

Once you’re done, click the Update button and the category entries should now be excluded from your homepage.

Ultimate Category Excluder plugin

Likewise, you can also hide different categories in search results and more by doing the same for other columns.

So, by following these simple steps and using any of the above plugins, you can exclude category posts from your homepage.

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