Ancient City of Minecraft 1.19 is one of the most complex maps to explore, due to all the difficulties that arise along the way. That is why many players wonderHow to explore the Old Town in Minecraft without dying trying?

It’s just that most of the Ancient City map is covered in intense darkness. That’s not counting the powerful enemies that we can find, that with a single attack can easily kill a character, even when he is equipped with a full Netherite armor. However, normal mobs will not spawn there, except for Warden.

If you are one of those players who has trouble exploring this structure, we will tell you how to do it easily below.

How to find and explore the Old City in Minecraft

The first and most important thing is to find the Ancient City and for this it will depend on each case. If you are using the ancient city seed, you just need to dig in the correct coordinates. Instead, if you’re playing in your own world, you’ll need a different approach.

In the latter case, the first thing to do is to dig deep, until you reach the Deepslate layer, near Bedrock. Then, look to get to somewhere between Y=-44 and Y=-52 and start mining for a better chance of finding the Ancient City. Also, they are more likely to breed under new mountain biomes.

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Players must approach from the same level or below the Ancient City. Otherwise, if we do it from above, there is a risk of falling directly into it. As a consequence, if you survive the fall damage, you are still at risk of being killed by the Guardian.

How to prepare your character for the expedition to the Ancient City

As we told you at the beginning, exploring the Ancient City is not easy at all, so we must be prepared to survive. To do this, it is best to have the following essential tools ready:

  • Armours and weapons. The Netherite ones with IV protection are the best.
  • Medicine to see in the dark and buckets of milk to eliminate the effect of the dark. Remember that it is a map where it is almost impossible to see around you.
  • A good amount of wool or rug and scissors. You should use it in the woods to block vibrations.
  • Lots of good quality food, like cooked pork casserole or yellow carrots. Golden apples are also a good alternative, as they are enchanted for quick healing.
  • Tools made of good materials and a silk touch hoe to be able to collect Sculk blocks and destroy Sculk Shriekers.
  • Infinity Bow, Snowball and/or Egg to distract the guards and several Ender Pearls to make a quick escape.

Ancient City exploration guide

Remember that we must move stealthily and carefully at all times if we wish to survive and explore the Ancient City.

Defeat Sculk Shrieker

This is one of the first things we must do and one of the most important when before we start exploring the Ancient City.

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In order to defeat him, we need to place wool around the Sculk Shrierker who is about to scream, otherwise he will summon the guardians. Also, you can break Sculks, though doing so will activate nearby Sculk Sensors. These, in turn, can alert other nearby Sculk Shriekers.

In order to avoid alarm sounds, wrap the Sculk Shrieker in wool before breaking it. Because this method is somewhat complex and tedious, you must be prepared to run if necessary, so before you begin, make sure you have a safe exit out of the Old City to the surface.

Loot chests when exploring the Old City

Another thing to keep in mind when exploring the Old City is that loot chests can be surrounded by various Sculk and Sculk Shrieker sensors. If this is the case, first prepare an emergency exit by using the pickaxe to break all of Sculk’s blocks (starting with the one closest to the exit) and run away as quickly as possible.

Remember to use the fleece covered corridors as a safe route to escape Sculk Shrieker’s screams. This way you will avoid activating nearby Sculk sensors.

Finally, if there is a group of several Sculk Shriekers in close proximity, you can quickly place high level light sources around an 11×11 space. This will prevent the guardians from appearing, despite the metallic sound. Also pay attention if there is another squeak nearby that is not covered by the light source. Well, if you can’t disable any screams, Warden will spawn at this point.

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