When we forget our connection password or we need to share it with someone, nothing better than finding it on our device. Precisely for this reason, in this article we are going to see how to find our Wi-Fi password on Chromebook.

This is not such an easy thing to accomplish on a Chromebook. In most devices we can see the Wi-Fi passwords of previously connected networks. However, on Chrome OS you can’t by default. Although there is a solution that is to be in Developer Mode, which exists on many platforms.

What is developer mode?

This mode enables a few extra features for advanced users, though it comes at a small cost, we might say. In order to enter developer mode, we will have to completely reset our Chromebook. Google doesn’t allow it either, so if your device crashes in developer mode, you might not be out of luck either. Basically, we do not recommend doing it if you do not have advanced knowledge.

How to find my Wi-Fi password on Chromebook

The first thing we will have to do is enter the developer mode. In case you don’t know how to enter developer mode, then we recommend not following this guide. We could explain how to do it, but as we mentioned before, if you don’t have advanced knowledge of Chrome OS, it’s best not to proceed.

Once we are in developer mode, we will have to type Ctrl + Alt + P to open the Chrosh command prompt.

Start Command Prompt.

Next, we are going to have to type the following commands in order:

Find Wi-Fi Password Chromebook


sudo su

cd home/root


Copy command code.

Let’s see a chain of code. We’ll copy this code, then type cd and paste the code. We press Enter.

Add command.

Now we are going to have to type the command more shill/shill.profile and press Enter.

Copy code.

This will return us a list of information about our network. We’ll find the line that says “Passphrase=rot47:” and copy the random text that follows. It is the encrypted password.

So we can find Wi-Fi password Chromebook

Next, we are going to have to write randomtextthere | tr ‘!-~’ ‘P-~!-O’ and press Enter. We replace “randomtextthere” with the text we copied.

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In this rather complicated way, we will be able to see the Wi-Fi password without encryption. Obviously, it is too complex a process to be able to see something as simple as seeing the Wi-Fi password. Especially since there are easier ways to find Wi-Fi passwords on other devices. But sadly Chrome OS works this way.

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