• The Blue Screen of Death, also known as BSOD, can be caused by numerous internal glitches or bugs in this operating system, some of them related to drivers
  • Evaluating the operation of the drivers in Windows is, therefore, essential to discover the origin of the problem and be closer to solving it, so we must rule out probable causes

Few things more annoying and worrying for a PC user than witnessing the Blue Screen of Death, also known as BSOD. As you will know if you have experienced this inconvenience, many times the drivers are the cause of it. Therefore, we can conclude that Knowing which driver is causing the blue screen of death on your Windows PC will speed up the process so you can resolve the issue..

It is from readers’ queries about it that we want to provide you with an answer to this question, teaching you some simple but effective procedures that will help you find out which of the drivers are really to blame for what is happening, both in Windows 10 and Windows 11.

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How to find which driver causes the blue screen in Windows?

As we said before, there are several procedures that we can carry out in these situations. It will be up to them to be able to fix this bug or death error on your Windows computer.

As usual, We recommend that you try these solutions in exactly the same order as they are listed here. because otherwise you could cause more damage to an already unstable system.

Check what failed on the blue screen

This is probably the most direct way to find which driver is causing the blue screen error. Basically, next to the blue screen an error code is displayed, which offers some clues about it.

Typically, you’ll see names like iaStorAVC.sys, hardlock.sys, ndis.sys, Tcpip.sys, intelppm.sys, or fltmgr.sys. By reviewing them on the Internet, you will learn about the origin of those failures and you will be closer to reversing them.

Use Driver Verifier Manager

Of course you can also use Driver Verifier Manager on your PC to find the problematic driver. Thanks to this tool, you will analyze in seconds the drivers already installed or that come with your computer.

Driver Checker is capable of detecting suspicious drivers, identifying and flagging them.

driver blue screen 2

Use the file signature verification tool

The built-in file signature verification tool is another utility that you can use to find the problematic driver on your PC. It will help you identify unsigned and digitally signed drivers.

Use the DirectX Diagnostic Tool

The DirectX Diagnostic Tool is designed to fix problems related to DirectX. Assuming you recently installed a driver to make your games run more smoothly, and the error message started appearing then, there would be little doubt that it’s all to do with everything.

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To confirm this, the DirectX Diagnostic Tool is ideal, because it will know how to find unsigned drivers, update them to get around the hurdle, and always putting in your hands the most recent version of the driver.

Otherwise, always make sure you have drivers compatible with your version of operating system and hardwaresince many times there are gaps that are the real cause of the blue screen of death.

Check the minidump file

Before a BSOD in Windows, a Minidump file will be stored on your computer to save the information or details regarding this issue. You can check them in C:Windowsminidump to find out a bit more.

Use BlueScreenView to view BSOD logs

BlueScreenView is a free utility that gives you the information about the BSOD, such as the name of the driver responsible for the error. So you can use this app to get faulty controller name.

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Other frequently asked questions

How can I find out which driver is causing my blue screen?

To find out which driver is causing a blue screen error on your computer you can use some programs. Among them, we recommend Driver Verifier Manager, File Signature Verification Tool and DirectX Diagnostic Tool. We have talked about some of them in particular throughout this article.

Can faulty drivers cause a blue screen?

Indeed, a faulty driver can be the cause of a blue screen on your computer so, in case you are experiencing the BSOD, you will have to follow the instructions that we have expressed above.

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